CNN Freak Show Blow – Panelist Goes Nuts After White Trump Girl Touches Him

blow freak show


Liberals need to come up with a new type of phobia for male homosexuals who can’t handle being touched by a woman, people like the oddball in this video. It will be a challenge for them, as deft as they are at flirting with hypocrisy, to cross that threshold without accidentally straying into what they have designated to be the exclusive territory of Republicans, misogyny.

This freak, New York Times columnist Charles Blow, does seem to have a real problem with this particular woman, his fellow CNN panelist, Kayleigh McEnany, touching him. She’s being far too generous by agreeing to sit next to this weirdo. Don Lemon should have positioned himself between him and any guest, both for purposes of civility as well as potential sanitation issues.

And how does this guy keep track of which special, privileged part of him is being violated, and which of the many chips fall off his shoulders? He’s not only suffering by default from being mistreated by the cracker former slave owners of America, but he also likes to “do it” with other guys. Everybody’s out to get him because he’s normal and they’re not.

He’s been violated. A woman touched him, or touched his jacket, thereby degrading his pristine homosexual condition. It’s worse than he thought, she had pork for lunch. Her politics seem to be another of the many driving forces behind his raving, in addition to his racism. Libtard insanity is a sufficient explanation. 

If his revulsion was based upon politics and not the woman’s gender or race, one has to wonder how this freak would respond to a man touching him on the shoulder with similar views. Maybe he would find that more tolerable, dependent upon the appearance of the offender.

And on the topic of appearance and being offensive, does this guy also have an issue with people making fun of him for the way he looks? He certainly should. Maybe he can start reading up on that and combine all of his mental disorders into one phobia He could have it named after him, the Blow Syndrome. Or if it makes him feel sad, it could be the Low Blow Syndrome. If it helps him find work, it could be the Blow Jo… never mind.

For one of these freaks who demands his own safe space, little boy Blow sure is busy with his hands. He’s well into the “aggressive” female’s space constantly with his arms fully extended and his hand mannerisms, apparently oblivious to the double standard he’s applying, in typical liberal fashion. Sorry to get you excited, Blow boy, in that context fashion has nothing to do with your wardrobe or those stylish nerd specs.

It’s easy to tell, with this freak being representative of the caliber of individual that populates the irrelevant New York Times, why they are failing and why they are so anti-Trump. Who cares what a bunch of freaks think and more importantly, who gives a rip what they want?

If only she could sneeze on demand, that would have been perfect. His heart would have stopped pumping and they’d have had to call the medical examiner. Don’t you dare trying to give him CPR. What would he write down for a cause of death? Nose Blow Blow Syndrome reaction? Liberals are often fun to watch when they’re not irritating the crap out of you, because they’re just so bizarre.

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8 Comments on CNN Freak Show Blow – Panelist Goes Nuts After White Trump Girl Touches Him

  1. White girls need to learn to stop touching these racist pigs anyway. Too bad their fathers never taught them better. It’s getting to where they will hang on and lay down with anything these days. Pathetic.

  2. Is he Islamic?

  3. Dr. Deplorable // February 20, 2017 at 9:25 pm // Reply

    What is worse: Choosing to be a Homosexual or Being killed by a Muslim because of being a Homosexual?

  4. TONYA PARNELL // February 20, 2017 at 7:14 pm // Reply


  5. I bet his boyfriend had just been caught by him in bed with a woman.

  6. WOW. He’s, ummm, a little over the edge don’t you think? Ready to snap maybe? I’d take his guns away.

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