CNN Fakers – “Evil Trump” Ending Taxpayer Funded Welfare Daycare, After School “Education”

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The CNN propagandist doesn’t hesitate for an instant as he tells us what a horrible ogre our president is for cutting out wasteful spending, taxpayer funded daycare labeled as education because it’s conducted in a school, after hours.

The stage is set for our hearts to bleed with a false opening claim that “the school day is done but the learning is not over.” If this is what they call learning in Georgia, they’re raising a generation of total illiterates who will be low income, and dependent upon Democrat handouts, just as their parents are.

The propagandists says, “More than 130 of the students, most of whom live in low-income households, are part of an after school program called “Wings for Kids.”  “Anchors for Taxpayers” or “They’ll Never Get Off the Ground” would have been more appropriate but aren’t quite as “nauseatingly sweet.” The propagandist says “It’s called wings because the goal of the program is to encourage kids to soar.” He’s obviously willing to repeat that garbage and try to sell it, but no program that focuses on jumping around and acting like fools has any legitimate claim of being of educational value. It’s babysitting that is labeled education so the financing keeps flowing.

Most of the rest of us have to pay for our child care and, yes, sometimes it involves difficult choices. That’s called life, your kids are your responsibility, we raised or are raising our own, the Democrat parasites can too. The propagandist highlights the supposed benefits, never showing footage of any actual instruction during the entire video. He says, “They learn, they socialize, they have snacks.” So we get to feed them too; wonderful.

“They even have their own creed,” says the fake news ‘reporter,’ “but under [the evil] President Trump’s new proposed federal budget, wings’ primary source of funding would be eliminated” – as if that’s not a good thing. He asks the CEO how the possible end of the program makes her feel. She replies, “It makes me feel devastated. I’ve been with this organization for nineteen years and thinking about the kids losing this program [having to go out and find another kick back parasitic job] really, honestly breaks my heart.”

The spigot of taxpayer dollars that this 19-year-subsidized daycare for these families is fed by siphons off  $1.2 billion from the US treasury per year. That doesn’t include the cost of lighting, air conditioning and heating or incidental staff on duty as the school remains occupied. The whiny CEO attempts to pitch the argument for continuing their funding, saying  that if it is canceled, the kids “will go either home to unsupervised homes or their parents will be required to quit their jobs and stay home with them.”

She doesn’t want to entertain the other work-arounds that many of us have had to use when there’s a conflict with working and taking care of our kids. Things such as working a different shift or parents having different days off; maybe grandma takes a day. It’s possible one parent might have to reduce their shifts per week, which should be fairly easy to arrange in the Obamacare part-time economy. One woman interviewed said she doesn’t know what she will do if the program goes away, that she would be lost.

You’d better start looking now, see if you can find yourself lady, time for you to grow up too. Nobody said having kids was free or that you wouldn’t have to alter things in your life. That’s how it is; your kids are your responsibility Take care of them yourself and quit depending upon the government nanny bandits to steal from others on your behalf. Stop your sniveling.

There’s nothing wrong with kids having fun after  school or even incidentally learning something. There is something wrong with forcibly taking the money from other people to pay for it.

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