CNN Fake News Lemon – Trump Rally Was Lying Racist Rewriting History

don lemon

It’s ironic that in responding and critiquing President Trump’s Phoenix rally, one of the CNN Fake News racist propagandists, Don Lemon, proved President Trump correct in labeling them as fake news.

Lemon was engaging in exactly the type of petty, butt-hurt, personal attacks on the President he is whining about his network receiving and which many Americans find totally justified, given their bias and relentless barrage of falsehoods and attacks.

As he plays President Trump onstage applauding as the event wrapped up, Lemon says, “What do you say to that?” The answer from his perspective is, lie, little Donnie, lie. He says, “I am just going to speak from the heart here,” which means he’s going to forego the long ago discarded facade of being an objective news person and go full opinion, full racist, leftist, anti-America hateful opinion.

Obviously doing enough preparation to come up with a feeble attempt at humor, he called President Trump’s speech a “total eclipse of the facts. Someone who came out on stage and lied directly to the American people and left things out that he said in an attempt to rewrite history, especially when it comes to Charlottesville.”

That’s brazen and rich that little Donnie would bring up the rewriting of history, since that’s what he and his globalist Democrat comrades are attempting to do by removing Civil War monuments, including at Charlottesville. Eliminating white history will effectively make black and other minority American groups who have no real monuments representing their accomplishments, equal. Communists must have equality in their slave population.

The snotty little *itch described President Trump as “unhinged, it’s embarrassing, I don’t mean for us, the media, because he went after us.” Yes he does, that’s exactly what he means.

He continues, “This is who we elected President of the United States, a man who is so petty that he has to go after people who he deems to be his enemy like an imaginary friend of a six-year-old.” It’s not imaginary, little Donnie, and you are the enemy. He’s responding to your lies by exposing them and we Americans agree with him.

But keep talking, you’re helping President Trump make his points. Lemon can’t help himself. His ego is bruised and he’s got the green light from George Soros, Obama and the others controlling the propaganda media to go for blood. He’s been free with the word racist lately when directing it at President Trump, with the approval of CNN and their establishment controllers.

Lemon calls President Trump wounded by the rational people, the members of his business councils who are abandoning him in droves. They’re cowards being forced by racist extortionists such as Lemon, to hide for financial reasons.

He claims that President Trump is also being abandoned by those people in Washington Swamp who are questioning his fitness for office. Those would be the same Democrats and establishment RINOs who are trying to drive him out and have been partnering with CNN since the beginning. Dipwad Donnie knows he never had their support, and never had any chance, short of selling out the American people, of gaining it.

He claims Trump doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. Clearly he understands quite well and is making it known to all. You just keep talking little Donnie. You’re the one behaving like a six-year-old boy, one with imaginary viewers, and hopefully soon an imaginary employer, the rapidly failing CNN. What’s the matter Donnie? Did that mean man hurt your sensitive little feminine feelings?

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