CNN Fake News Fakes Driver “Rescue” By Reporter, Crew In Houston

cnn fake rescue

CNN Fake News has done it again. When there’s not enough real news to report, the natural alternative for CNN is to stage something. It’s been almost three months since they were busted orchestrating a photo shoot of a combination fake memorial service and phony anti-terrorism gathering of “mainstream Muslims” following a terrorist attack in London.

Just like then CNN seems to not be willing to restrict themselves to only reporting the real news. Their lust for ratings and relevance doesn’t restrict them to only fabricated terrorism events or lying about President Trump.

When the disaster of Hurricane Harvey needs a little spicing up, CNN switches reflexively from just Fake News to Fake News Plus – adding the magic ingredient of their own Fake Heroes.

The CNN reporter, Drew Griffin, whose reckless disregard for integrity and poor judgment leads one to wonder if he’s possibly related to Kathy, was doing a live shot on the dangers of driving into flooded water when the strangest of coincidences happened.

Some poor hapless “Texas redneck” as the CNN elites would normally label the common American, drove his pickup truck into the flooded “ravine” that looked like a street. It started floating away with him inside. In the next shot he’s outside, breathless, having traveled no more than ten feet to dry ground from the dry pickup truck, through some deep water. Harrowing, probably, overacting a bit, probably as well. He’s supposedly unable to walk unattended and in danger of falling back into the “ravine.”

Fake News Griffin is also quite the quick change artist, as, during all of the excitement of the “life threatening” event, he was able to change out of the shorts he was wearing and into some sweatpants that came from – out of nowhere. The magic boots seem to have just appeared on his feet as well as he’s helping the desperate driver after the edit at the shot of the handicapped parking sign. There’s no sign of his missing shorts or sandals. Maybe they’re with Tex’s hat.

The “grateful” over-acting driver does an encore, performing an additional segment in an on-camera interview in which he said, “I want to thank these guys for saving my life.” How were these great lifesavers  able to get him out of the truck without getting wet themselves? If they stayed on the bank, didn’t “Tex” really save himself?

And what about Tex’s hat?  Wouldn’t a true Texan wade back out to his truck and retrieve his hat if he’d left it behind – or sent a CNN Hero in after it for him? Clearly there was an edit at the sign and a costume change and then a recreation afterwards for the fake news broadcast.

Move over Jim Acosta, your title as ” Mr. Fake News” may be in jeopardy.


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