CNN Fake News Acosta Slammed Hard For Nasty, Ridiculous Question In Briefing

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In the Monday White House press briefing, CNN’s “Very Fake News” reporter, Jim Acosta, was up to his usual antagonistic stunts and tactics, challenging President Trump in every way imaginable, no matter how  far-fetched or how blatantly obvious he was in doing so.

The caustic Acosta involves others in his question so as to offer the appearance that the stupid, biased and accusatory question he’s asking is something anyone in the room might ask and something most “good reporters” are probably wondering about as well.

He addressed Sarah Huckabee Sanders, saying, “I  want to follow up on what Jon was asking about with respect to the mayor of London. There are going to be folks who are going to ask the question, ‘was the President attacking the mayor of London because he’s a Muslim?'”

Acosta is correct, there are going to be those who ask. They’re called propagandists or political hacks. Many work for the left-wing media, virtually all of those working at CNN fit that designation, and one of the worst of them just, predictably, asked the question.

Sanders seemed ready for the question, which she should have been. Given the low standards and the nature of what passes for news in the fake news mainstream left, it was not a question of whether that question would be asked but which lowlife scumbag would ask it, Jonathan Karl or Acosta being the most likely offenders. Acosta is following up on Karl’s question, so she may be part of a sleazeball tag team.

She put Acosta in his place, responding, “Not at all, and I think to suggest something like that is utterly ridiculous.” Did you get that Acosta, it was perhaps subtle beyond your comprehension, but she’s calling you ridiculous by insulting the stupidity of your question.

Did the CNN idiot actually think she’d reply along the lines of, “Yeah, well we all know Trump hates Muslims, so of course he’s got a different way of handling this guy.” Of course not, he’s insulting the President, that’s the purpose, if he can twist Sanders up in the process, so much the better.

Maybe Acosta missed President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia or his meetings earlier in the month with the rulers of Jordan and Egypt. There are rumors that they are also Muslims, that the crack CNN reporter might want to investigate. If only President Trump had known, surely he’d have tried to pick a fight with all of them.

CNN is a collection of clowns – unfunny, sad, pathetic, hopelessly indoctrinated and immoral little America-hating clowns.

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  1. Deplorable Doctor // June 6, 2017 at 6:10 pm // Reply

    CNN is on its way to collapse!

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