CNN Disproving Trump Russia Collusion Hoax With Latest Don JR. Witch Hunt

trump junior

CNN needs to figure out at some point in time which anti-Trump vehicle to attempt to ride to his removal from office. Will it be the Trump – Russia collusion hoax that has produced no evidence in a year or the new Donald Trump Jr. collusion story, that contradicts their first narrative.

Despite a year of multiple investigations and incessant propagandist coverage, no evidence of any Trump – Russia collusion has been uncovered. Now, the angle that Don Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort met with a Russian attorney is about to blow up in CNN’s fake news face as well.

Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya shares a common opposition to the Magnitzky Act with Vladimir Putin. That doesn’t in any way make her connected to the Kremlin, which denies knowing who she is. Many of us are opposed to abortion, that doesn’t mean we’re invited to Rep Michele Bachmann’s house for Thanksgiving dinner or that she has any idea of who we are.

A music agent who had some connections to the Trump organization from the Miss Universe Pageant was used by Veselnitskaya to help her get the meeting. The agent, Rob Goldstone, said Veselnitskaya “had apparently stated she had some information regarding illegal campaign contributions to the DNC, which she believed Mr. Trump Jr. might find important.”

He continued, “At the meeting the Russian attorney presented a few very general remarks regarding campaign funding and  then quickly turned the topic to that of the Magnitzky Act and the banned US adoption of Russian children, at which point the meeting was halted by Don Jr. and we left.”

Naturally, Fake News CNN is anxious to expose this latest “gotcha” they hope will be the one that will finally enable them to nail President Trump, but in doing so they weaken the entire premise of their ongoing original witch hunt.

If Trump was colluding with Russia – why did this woman resort to trickery?

If President Trump was colluding with the Russians as they contend, why did this woman have to resort to obvious trickery in order to get a meeting? Why is she even in the picture at all? Wouldn’t the Trump campaign have used their supposed access to Putin to verify who she was before the booking?

As soon as it became clear what she was up to the meeting ended. Clearly she misrepresented herself in order to gain access, she lied to get the meeting. By covering this story CNN is simply demonstrating that there was no relationship between these individuals and the Russian government or this attorney.

Her position in opposition to the Magnitzky Act was the same as that of President Putin. If there were an actual relationship between the campaign and Putin, her services would have been unnecessary. If she was an emissary or agent sent by the Kremlin she failed, she got nowhere, which is more evidence that there was no collusion.

All those in attendance tell the same story, that nothing happened, it’s just more of the empty claims of impropriety between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. CNN employs the old “If you thrown enough mud at a wall some of eventually sticks” model to their fake news. This Russian mud isn’t very sticky, though, and it smells a lot CNN BS.


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