CNN Cuomo – Investigation, Allegations Equal Guilt – So He’s A Drug-Addicted NY Mobster?

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The Fake News purveyors at CNN never fail to reach new lows in their plying of their dishonest trade, with blowhard Chris Cuomo one of the chief offenders. He is an expert at cutting off his opponent before they finish their thought, at badgering and at distortion, employing tactics similar to Chris “Tingles” Matthews.

Cuomo utilizes an outgunned and out-blustered Republican Congressman, Sean Duffy (R-WI) as the target, unleashing his irrational partisan fire and nonsensical rant masquerading as a discussion. Duffy makes his case, which, as a typical Republican, is totally defensive and lacks the appropriate offense, based upon the truth, leaving him seriously underpowered against the “say anything, true or false,” approach of Cuomo.

According to Cuomo, President Trump is guilty until proven innocent by virtue of the fact that an investigation exists or simply because Democrats say he is. That viewpoint was never expressed when Comey had an active investigation into Hillary Clinton; she was innocent despite overwhelming, irrefutable evidence of her guilt.

He argues irrationally that it’s not possible for Republicans to assert President Trump’s innocence because the investigation hasn’t been completed. We may conclude that the distinguished attorney, Mr. Cuomo, was exposed somewhere during his legal education to the concept of the presumption of innocence, is aware that it exists as a foundation of our judicial system, and has arbitrarily decided to declare that it does not apply to Presidents that the left and George Soros don’t like.

To be fair to Duffy, it’s difficult to argue his points with the rambling Cuomo and even more arduous of a task to corral his bursts of falsehoods into something specific that can be responded to in a coherent manner. It appears that Cuomo is exhibiting the characteristics of disjointed thought patterns consistent with his overpowering cocaine or methamphetamine addiction, an occupational hazard and personal side effect of his narco-trafficking and racketeering.

His involvement in organized criminal activity with his brother Andrew, the Governor of New York, is something that, like President Trump’s supposed Russia collusion, there is probably absolutely no truth to or any evidence of. But he’s not been found innocent either, so who’s to say it isn’t true? Why not appoint a special prosecutor just in case?

Prove You’ve Never Engaged in Racketeering, Cuomo, That You’re Not a NY Mobster

Prove that you’ve never engaged in racketeering, Cuomo and that you and your brother Andrew aren’t mobsters. And maybe you can explain those male prostitutes, the late nights at Belmont Park horse racing complex, or any other ridiculous assertion that someone might choose to point in your direction in order to besmirch your reputation and ruin your career.

That’s what you and your fellow slime balls on the left are doing to our President. As they say, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. On that topic there’s been some rumors, what he would otherwise consider to be facts, about Cuomo’s involvement with and unnatural attraction to farm animals as well –  at least it hasn’t been proven not to be true.

Of course the assertions made in this article of criminal or indecent behavior on the part of the Cuomos or others are only for illustrative purposes. They are not true. Nobody who isn’t on the left would want to unfairly or falsely tarnish the reputation of anyone, even someone as despicable as Chris Cuomo. Maybe he and his fellow leftists could try raising their standards of moral conduct to those of their opposition, the patriot right they vilify and the President they attack so viciously in service to their evil, anti-American agenda.

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4 Comments on CNN Cuomo – Investigation, Allegations Equal Guilt – So He’s A Drug-Addicted NY Mobster?

  1. Beth Smith // May 21, 2017 at 12:43 am // Reply

    Heheheh. Good “goose/gander”Rick.

  2. Yvette Streahle // May 20, 2017 at 9:23 pm // Reply

    I had a construction company in NYC and did run into some of the Cuomo associates, actually some of these rumors are true.

  3. Why in the world did Duffy consent to the interview? He had to know Cuomo was going to chew him up.

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