CNN Commie Camerota Plays Every Card In Her Deck Defending Terrorists

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It’s been a long time since Alisyn “Alinsky” Camerota was what appeared to be a civil, clear-headed and likable person hosting and anchoring at the Fox News Network. Since she made the move to CNN she’s either become infected or is allowing her true inner liberal to be seen by the public. She’s another Ashley Judd, a real nasty woman, likely the result of spending too much time too close to her toxic and caustic CNN counterpart, Chris Cuomo.

In an interview with Rep Sean Duffy (R-WI), Camerota speaks from the liberal pro-Islamic, a certain amount of terrorism is unavoidable and therefore acceptable perspective, exhibiting the typical CNN bias. Why any member of the Trump administration or Congress even bothers to appear on their network is increasingly inexplicable. They know what they’re going to get, it’s like buying the rope and driving yourself to your own lynching.

As Duffy makes the case for vetting the supposed “refugees,” Camerota interjects, “who’s saying we don’t need to adequately vet people coming in from other countries, who’s saying that?” Duffy should respond with something like, “Hey moron, everybody who’s saying we’re doing it in an acceptable and thorough manner right now is saying that.” He doesn’t, and as he’s attempting to make the case, Camerota repeats the meaningless drivel that refugees spend two years and get biometric fingerprinting and interviews, all of which is useless when there is no information to even verify the identity of the applicant, let alone his or her background. It’s a point which Duffy tries in vain to get through her thick liberal skull wall.

She goes on to attempt to dismiss the terrorism threat as being less significant and less worthy of concern than the threat of being struck by lightning. Duffy notes that it’s the government’s responsibility to protect its citizens and if they could do so with lighting they probably would. But since they can, by doing their job, protect Americans from some terrorism, they are compelled to do so. He challenges her to trivialize terrorism as the equivalent to lightning to its victims, something that puts Camerota on the war path.

She attempts to use her race card to paint the administration as targeting Muslims and ignoring whites, making that claim based upon two incidences versus the scourge of Islamic terrorism. She asks the Congressman why do you think when it’s a white terrorist it’s an isolated incident?” Maybe because it is, you snotty hag. She’s basically playing stupid, making ignorant arguments and further exposing herself for the establishment propagandist that she is.

As Duffy raises the issue of the attacks on Trump supporters and the unrest that is being fomented and the violence of the left, asking CNN where their coverage is of that, Camerota responds with something moronic about swastikas, what she refers to as swastickers. Do yourself and America a favor, team Trump, trust your instincts. Stay away from CNN, they’re fake media and you’re only asking for trouble.

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  1. …and they know their ignorant viewers will not be able to understand a bit of what’s really going on. There once was a phrase, “Baffle them with bull…” She makes no sense and her audience doesn’t know it.

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