CNN Know-Nothing Acosta Argues “Climate Change Caused Hurricanes”

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The libtard activist posing as an abrasive CNN news boy, Jim Acosta, had a question or two for Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert, in the furtherance of the Obama Soros hysteria and hype.

He asked, “The previous administration saw a connection between climate change  and homeland security in that the frequency and intensity of powerful storms like Harvey and Irma could pose a problem for future administrations.”

Hold it right there, Acosta. Let’s don’t gloss over the false premise of your question so hastily. During the entire eight long miserable years of the Obama rein, there were no major hurricanes to make landfall in the US. So how did they see a connection?

They could imagine one, and claim it was happening, falsifying data along the way, but they couldn’t see anything. That’s why the “visible proof” was always taking place somewhere far away, where there were few people and no monitors. For Obama climate change wasn’t a problem, it was a money-making opportunity.

Acosta wrings his hands from atop his soapbox, saying “You could have FEMA budgets that can’t keep up with the demand when you have powerful storms hitting the country. Is that something that you think this administration should take a look at? We know that President pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord. Are these storms giving this administration some pause when it come to the issue of climate change and homeland security?

There are those who might argue that the best way to respond to disasters is as it was done with these hurricanes, to allocate emergency funds when there is an emergency. Why would you want to spend the money unnecessarily, Jim?

Bossert notes that he was “here in the 2004 cycle,” before Obama came to town and when Katrina left. He noted then there were “four in six weeks that hit Florida. I think that what’s prudent for us right now is to make sure those response capabilities are there. Causality is something outside of my ability to analyze right now.” He noted that flooding is due largely to erosion, not rising sea levels, an inch a year in Tampa, for example.

His response went in one Acosta ear and immediately out the other side, with the message never being absorbed. Acosta goes back to the visual, non-scientific approach of Obama and the rest of the alarmists, asking if the presence of three category 4 storms on the same map gives him reason to say, “Gee, maybe there is something to this climate change thing.”

Bossert replies to Acosta, “I don’t know if I’d says either but I do note that there’s a cyclical nature in a lot of these hurricane seasons.” The bottom line is he’s too smart for you, Acosta. But then, who isn’t? You’ve become very wearisome. 

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  1. Fred A. Hisle // September 12, 2017 at 6:04 pm // Reply

    Anyone listening to the lying communist ascostic is Dumber every second they hear him.

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