Clinton – Women Haters, White Supremacist Rednecks Stole Her Crown

hillary clinton

The narration asks, “So what did happen? Hillary Clinton was supposed to make history as the first woman president of the United States.”

Really? According to what set of rules? The same rules that said Hussein Obama, despite never proving his American citizenship was “supposed to make history as the first black ‘president?’ Are we simply anointing by ethnicity or gender now, msm?

The poor, mistreated and put-upon Hillary Clinton says she “started the campaign knowing that I would have to work extra hard to make women and men feel comfortable with the idea of a woman president.” Americans are already comfortable with that idea, it’s the thought of this particular corrupt, pilfering, do-anything, evil woman finding her way into the Oval Office that we couldn’t accept.

She says, “It doesn’t fit into the stereotypes we all carry around in our head.” As an identity politics, race-baiting globalist Democrat, Clinton surely carries those and many other stereotypes as well as other disgusting and criminal ideas around in her head. She doesn’t need to extend those prejudices to the majority of Americans.

She’d have us believe it’s the “small-minded rednecks” who couldn’t move past Clinton’s gender that are responsible for her loss. It’s not her corruption, selling of access and US secrets, everybody expects a Clinton to be dirty – what’s the big deal?

Clinton said, “And a lot of the sexism and the misogyny was in service of these attitudes. Like ‘you know, we really don’t want a woman commander-in-chief.'” No Clinton, we really didn’t want an America-hating profiteer in that spot, regardless of gender. We just completed 8 years of struggling with that situation.

As her rewrite of history continues, the espionage fugitive hiding in plain sight says of Trump, “He was quite successful in referencing a nostalgia that would give hope, comfort, settle grievances for millions of people who were upset about gains made by others.

It’s obvious to the interviewer that Clinton is calling Trump supporters racists, to the point that she cuts through the veiled references and says, ‘What you’re talking about is millions of white people.” Clinton then confirms she’s calling us racists, saying, “Millions of white people, yeah, millions of white people.”

So if someone voted for her they were doing so because she’s a woman and if they voted against her it’s because she’s a woman. Her qualifications or lack thereof for the job and her complete absence of integrity played no role, she would have us believe. It was just a question of plumbing, nothing more.

So it was because Americans, many of whom are women and others who are married to or sons of women and fathers of daughters, hate females. And the ones who didn’t vote against her on that basis did so because they’re racist white folks. Gotcha Clinton, how horrible it must have been for you.

You just keep telling yourself that and making speeches about it. Maybe one of these good for nothing officials in DOJ, the FBI or Congress will reopen the investigation into your crimes and we can see just how relevant those non-issues are when compared against your crimes and corruption. She really is mentally ill, but not too crazy to stand trial.

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