Clinton Vote Rigging Specialist Joining Soros Super PAC To Fight Fair Elections

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Those who were watching the George Soros orchestrated farce that was the Jill Stein recounts in three states may recognize the name Marc Elias, who, in his position as crooked Hillary campaign’s general counsel, announced they were also taking part in the recount, on purely moral grounds. Elias wrote in a web posting that “we intend to participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides.” But only because Jill Stein was already doing it; they would never be as petty as she is.

He added, “we believe we have an obligation to the more than 64 million Americans who cast ballots for Hillary Clinton to participate in ongoing proceedings to ensure that an accurate vote count will be reported.” Why not, George Soros is paying for it. The candidate he works for, Hillary Clinton, was also bought and paid for by Soros. It almost seems like it’s a Clinton – Soros recount, since Stein has no chance of accomplishing anything and the amount of money she’s wasting, millions, could only have come from one source.

Now Elias is going to work for Soros as well.  He joined the board of a major Priorities USA Action, the largest liberal Super PAC and one that is funded by George Soros. He will be leading their efforts against eliminating the interwoven fraud from state voting laws. His appreciation for an accurate vote count was short-lived and wasn’t restricted to citizen votes, living persons’ votes or single-time voters. The focus was on all Clinton votes being counted, however they originated.

Now, with the announcement by President Trump that there will be an investigation into the voter fraud that the Democrats have engineered into our system, Elias is being called into service to his master. The feds have meddled in state attempts to police their voter registration and other processes through the “civil rights” division of the Justice Department. Attorney General Sessions won’t be playing those games and the states will be allowed to and, in the cesspools of corruption such as New York and California, as necessary, forced to clean up their messes.

Priorities USA Action is also absorbing the agitator non-profit Every Citizen Counts, which was created by Clinton allies, focusing on Latino and black votes, consistent with their typical identity politics.

George Soros made three contributions to Priorities USA Action totally $9.5 million during the campaign. The liberal spawn of Satan, his son Alexander, donated another $1 million.

Elias has experience in attempting to manipulate and thwart the legitimate protections of the American people, having filed lawsuits in Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, and North Carolina on behalf of the Clinton campaign, filtered through his law firm. The Washington Free Beacon reports they were fueled by Soros and his millions in contributions to his hired candidate.

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