Clinton – Trump “Very Stupid” To Exit Obama Crooked Climate Jackpot

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Hillary Clinton can barely contain her anger over the prospect of another of her fortune cookies crumbling after being stepped on by President Trump. With her corruption exposed, although covered up and prosecution avoided this far, her Clinton Foundation donations, payments for political favors dried up to a trickle.

Now the underpinning of the greatest scam on the American people and all of mankind is threatened by President Trump leading us out of the UN Climate hoax wilderness, and with him go all of the wallets and treasuries she and her globalist comrades had intended on looting. She’s understandably furious – how will Chelsea and the grandkids, Bill,  Al Gore and all of those green comrades, who have invested their billions and paid her handsomely in setting up this scheme, going to get by without our money and their control? What’s sugar daddy George Soros going to do?

Speaking at the libtard-exclusive tech and media Code Conference, Clinton took aim at President Trump for releasing us from the shackles of globalist control that she, Obama and the rest of the anti-American UN power structure have worked so hard to burden us with. The guy in the middle seat has a bottle of alcohol at his feet, apparently at the ready should being in that close proximity to Clinton prove too much for him to handle sober.

In an attempt to make her argument for remaining in the Paris suicide pact, Clinton says, “There are only two nations in the world, that are not signatories to the Paris agreement, Nicaragua and Syria [she missed Yemen],” as if that was supposed to turn us off to the idea. That would mean that Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Libya and other undesirable nations are in the agreement and she’s strongly urging us to follow them as examples of responsible government.

Clinton continues, “For the United States to throw our lot in with the very, very small number of countries that have turned their backs on climate change… ” There’s also only a small number who have been to the moon or have nuclear weapons but it doesn’t matter. She’s about to completely abandon what she must realize is a failed line of argument for the second time in a single sentence.

Instead Clinton shifts to a declaration that we’re breaching an agreement, although the agreement is between the UN and Hussein Obama, John Kerry and her fellow anti-American globalists who are presently out of power. The treaty was never ratified by the Senate so we, the United States, are not parties to it.

She, as is customary with her dictatorial party, ignores the Constitution and speaks as if ratification by the Senate weren’t required. She says, “Usually when you come into office, you can try to reform, maybe tinker with agreements, but part of what keeps us going (and the way the globalists intended to shove this down our throats) is that America’s word is good, and you stand with your prior, you know, administration, whether it was of your party or not, (or orchestrated by a foreign impostor) they’re looking to throw all of that out the window.”

Clinton admits it’s not about the Planet – “what’s Really Stupid about it, they’re throwing out Economic Opportunities

Mimicking the two fisted approach to grabbing the people’s wealth that has been her motivation for decades of “public self-service,” the witch allows her vindictive, evil side to venture into public view. The development that has her really upset is that her money making schemes are in jeopardy. She says, “But what’s really stupid about it, is they’re throwing out the economic opportunities that being part of the Paris agreement provide for the United States.” Tom Steyer and George Soros will be happy she mentioned that but it’s troubling in that we were told this was about saving the planet, not getting filthy rich. Have we caught Mrs. Clinton in yet another in her endless series of lies?

“That is what I find totally incomprehensible,” she says. It’s not that her home in New York is going to flood next year when all of the Arctic ice melts or the wildfires we’re told will engulf the nation or the weekly hurricanes that they keep promising us despite no majors making US landfall since Wilma in 2005. What doesn’t make sense to Clinton is cutting her profits out because that is the reality; everything else is just the sales pitch to make the reality happen.

She includes a few shots at President Trump, calling him “a very impulsive, reactive personality.” Clinton goes on to say that he’d leave the agreement out of spite and, in keeping with the stupidity theme, that he doesn’t understand what he’s doing or the economic “costs.” She also says it’s incredibly foolish to rely upon the private sector without assisting them with the “full force [mandates] and support [taxpayer capital] of “the government.” Spoken like a true fascist, Mrs. Clinton.

Prove her right, Mr. President, for once, be impulsive and reactionary. Give in to your impulses and react to her incessant agitation and criticism. Do the right thing, let AG Sessions reopen the investigation into her criminality. She’s not above the law and obviously doesn’t appreciate that you’re doing her an immense favor.

Lock her up, investigate her for racketeering and take away what she’s pillaged through her treason, the betrayal of her country for financial gain.

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12 Comments on Clinton – Trump “Very Stupid” To Exit Obama Crooked Climate Jackpot

  1. Kelleigh Nelson // June 2, 2017 at 4:39 am // Reply

    You are right radman, absolutely spot on…are you my buddy John?

  2. radman414 // June 2, 2017 at 3:13 am // Reply

    Hillary will never be “free” to tell the truth until she finally decides to leave the ideological “battle- field” and retire…really retire completely from politics. This Paris deal is not quite as bad as the horrible Iran deal, but only because it hasn’t happened yet.

    “The UN has actually admitted the real reason for the treaty. They said this is not even environmental policy anymore, we will redistribute wealth by climate policy. That’s what they want, a $100 billion a year slush fund going to governments that are best able to keep your people locked in poverty…This is all about social engineering, central planning, redistribution of wealth, and empowering UN bureaucrats.”

  3. Pork barrel projects are why folks run for Congress, and state offices. Just get a big project funded and it provides at least 30% graft/other rip offs. Seems they happen as often at the state level where Democrats run the state, and the big cities. Welfare for the big city poverty does not stop poverty for the poor. So it is that climate change is likely to destroy entire regions for the sake of the some cause. We know that congress passes laws that when they are not followed nobody in congress goes to jail. So why pick on poor pea pod global cimate warming/ oops change.

  4. Kelleigh Nelson // June 1, 2017 at 12:02 pm // Reply

    Rick, I have to tell you, this woman has gotten worse and worse over the years, but even when she was in h.s. a year behind me, she was one nasty little beast. Students respected her for her high grades, but not many liked her. In fact, we all called her “Sister Frigidaire,” because she was so damned cold personality wise.

    There’s a story that even she has told that is absolutely true. She was at an outside sporting event and was sitting next to one of the female participants and it was cold. So Hillary turned to the girl and said, “Boy it’s cold.” The girl looked at her and said, “I hope people like you freeze to death.” Hillary said to her, “How could you say that, you don’t even know me.” The girl answered her, and said, “I don’t have to know you to know that I hate people like you.”

    I know this sounds odd, but it was the way Hillary affected people sometimes. I never liked her when we were Goldwater girls together. She was arrogant, pompous and controlling, something fellow classmates didn’t really warm up to.

  5. Nancy Vinal (Watcher) // June 1, 2017 at 11:35 am // Reply

    Trump is NEVER going to go “after” Hillery… she knows too many tales that she could “leak”…
    Besides that is one of the many bait promises that haven’t and won’t be kept.

  6. CARLOS DESOUZA // June 1, 2017 at 10:16 am // Reply

    Is there ANY sound reason (tactically or strategically) WHY Trump is not going after Hillary and Obama ??

    I would really like some light to be shed on this extremely perplexing issue for me. Thank you.

    • not that I can see – something happened to “lock her up” on the way to the inauguration or just before the election – he cooled his enthusiasm as I’m sure you noticed, that didn’t happen because of trump developing a sudden soft spot for treason – something more sinister I imagine.

  7. Hillary’s gone from despicable to pathetic. Good article, Rick. A tough subject to focus on.

  8. Freddie Arthur Hisle // June 1, 2017 at 9:41 am // Reply

    Deport the Hag.

    • CARLOS DESOUZA // June 1, 2017 at 10:18 am // Reply

      Deport her ?? Where to ?? And, WHY should a criminal like her escape justice and be either hanged or jailed ???

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