Clinton Tells Trump How To Handle ISIS And Syria Problems She Created – Import Everybody

hillary clinton

hillary clinton

It didn’t take long for the Democrat vultures to start circling, and, just as I predicted yesterday, to attempt to manipulate President Trump and our foreign policy based upon their typical disingenuous claims about the strike on Syria.

The biggest, baddest, most hideous vulture of them all, Hillary Clinton, made her comments at a luncheon in Houston, in which she was burying her beak into some road kill provided by Annie’s list. That’s a sexist group attempting to get Democrat trash that identifies as female, elected to positions of exploitation and abuse in Texas and federal government.


The witch who destroyed Libya, and also added the creation of ISIS and the destruction of Iraq and Syria to her list of accomplishments as Obama’s Secretary of State, didn’t identify herself as responsible when she said, “Look, Syria’s been a wicked problem for a very long time. We get it Hillary, wicked and witch, you kind of did claim credit after all, for those who were paying attention.

She’s in full campaign mode as she talks about the child victims of “that most recent gas attack,” where the ISIS terrorists she created have either released the chemical agents themselves or been engaged in the conflict in which they were released. She describes how the images were more appalling than she can put into words.  But since she’s campaigning and there’s some hay to be made and the Teleprompter’s loaded up, she’ll go ahead and try.

Clinton said, “It is essential that the world does more to deter Assad from committing future murderous atrocities. But the action taken last night needs to be followed by a broader strategy to end Syria’s civil war and to eliminate ISIS strongholds on both sides of the border.”


The shameless pandering continues with her saying, “So I hope this administration will move forward in a way that is both strategic and consistent with our values, and I also hope that they will recognize that we cannot in one breath speak of protecting Syrian babies and in the next close America’s doors to them.”

Yes we can, Clinton, in fact, that’s what the missile attack was apparently intended to do, eliminate the motivation for people to flee Syria by sending a message to Assad.  There’s no refugees if they don’t flee or just leave seeking to improve their economic situation. Under Democrat rules either is enough for American taxpayers to import and support them with misappropriated treasury funds. If they don’t come, as in stay in Syria, we don’t pay now and we don’t pay later when, no longer children, they do as their Islamist parents taught them during their radicalization, turning on their most generous and foolish host nation.

And yes Mrs. Clinton, there are ISIS strongholds in Syria, the group that didn’t exist until Obama  – Clinton and later Obama – Kerry destroyed the stability in the Middle East. If you weren’t such a hypocrite you’d be ashamed, too ashamed to raise the issue. But hypocrisy is what makes a Democrat, so you do and your equally shameless audience will continue to applaud,  ignore the facts, and your culpability.


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9 Comments on Clinton Tells Trump How To Handle ISIS And Syria Problems She Created – Import Everybody

  1. This is a would be could be war that Hilary could applaud. Democrats Rhinos is their name and destruction is their game. They love it now matter which corner of the urine closet it stinks up from..they just take a big deep breath in.

    McCain and the Crack UP warmongers have been pushing for war with Russia. First we were filled with the Russian Clinton Election soap opera only to be led= to agree and to hail the Syrian attack…and of course it’s always over ‘the chil dren’ you know those helpless little innocent souls and oh yes very old sick and weak people…another heart pull right?

    I care deeply about children and old people but is this just another falsie? One falsie was that Saddam H. had WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION using chemicals to kill his own people…tsk tsk tsk. So Bush went in there and pulled Saddam out..sort of like the desire to pull Assad out and replace him..Then way after Saddam;s removal and death we learn from our famous “media” that we, the US, made a mistake and there were no WMD’s. So who paid for that mistake? Do we even know ‘who’ made that lil mistake?

    Is Trump being led around or what the hell is going on here? Who can we trust at this point. Can we verify anything?

    Nice article Mr. Wells and I just loved the last paragraph it was eloquent. Thanks for your work and your passion to write these article for us to cry over or laugh over.

  2. Clintonisevil // April 9, 2017 at 2:37 pm // Reply

    Anytime hilary agrees with Pres Trump you know theres some fuckery that went on .

  3. HowardMacKinnon // April 9, 2017 at 11:43 am // Reply

    Who let her in Texas? Everyone is sick of her lies & false stories. Love when she says ” Our Values.” The only thing she values is lining her pockets. Someone needs to tell her to fade away & stay away. I still find the timing ironic of O landing in the islands & her coming out of the woods. Part of a grand plan?

  4. It is time for Hillary to find justice and be charged and jailed for treason but because Comey has been left in the position of Head of the FBI this will never happen until he is removed for treason and jailed along with her.

  5. And N.0.W., Trump’s Dishonorable DonaMoto, her $neak (PNAC) Attacker !

  6. Defining a stupid governmental Administration will, without a doubt, will include “open borders”! Our borders have been opened more and more since the 90’s when Bill “I didn’t have sex with that woman” Clinton was in office. Not as bad when Bush was in office but when Hussein Obama was in office, all hell broke loose. The Border Patrol was ordered to stand down. Third world countries were literally sending bus loads of children into our country. Shortly afterwards came the invasion of Europe that then moved around the world. What is wrong with the people in this world???!!! Muslims have their beliefs. Americans have our beliefs. In America, our laws are in conflict with Muslims laws. that’s the bottom line! So, why would Muslims want to be in a country that does not allow their laws? There’s a deeper agenda here. Whether it is the Muslim Caliphate, the UN’s New World Order (NWO) or both, there is something going on that is much, much deeper than what we know is going on. In my way of thinking, we, in America, have a Constitution that allows us to own and carry firearms. Our forefathers gave us that right and then stated “shall not be infringed upon”! Obama went after our 1st and 2nd Amendments. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were going to go after our 2nd Amendment with a gun confiscation fashioned after the Australian government confiscation that turned Australia citizens into a land of victims. I used to believe and trust the United Nations. However, after they didn’t lift a finger to stop ISIS, that sent up all manners of red flags for me. The U.N. used to “rattle their sabers” for all kinds of humanitarian causes. How would rapes of both men and women, torturing and beheadings not be a priority to stop using UN forces. For whatever reason, they decided to sit this one out! Why? It appears they are in league with ISIS in some form or another. What other reason could there be? Wake up, people, there is something very, very wrong going on here and around the world!!

  7. I don’t believe the person that caused all these problems has a clue how to fix them. She needs to keep her mouth shut and disappear from politics. I wouldn’t trust her judgement at all with anything that has to do with this country anymore. And we already know that Trump is definitely smart enough not to listen to anything that she has to say.

  8. Dammit, we Texans have got to start securing our state borders better. We may have had to let “the Hildabeast” into the state when she was a candidate; but now, she’s just a perjuring, criminal, and still-hypocritical liberal panderer who continuing to troll the media with a disingenuous message, and to criticize a president who is actually doing something proactive. It’s far past time for Hillary to “get over” losing, STFU, and waddle on back to her “safe space” in Chappaqua.

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