New Clinton Tarmac Evidence FBI Good Old Boys Were Hiding – Judicial Watch Again

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Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch reports that some documents the corrupt FBI under James Comey had originally said didn’t exist actually do exist. The FBI was apparently hiding them and were caught in a lie.

These aren’t some unimportant files like car wash receipts that might have been overlooked somewhere, these are documents relating to the infamous and hugely inappropriate meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport tarmac.

The pressure will now be on Loretta Lynch to either tell the truth, something she does on rare occasions, refuse to answer, something she has been known to do with great frequency, or be a really good guesser and liar in her upcoming testimonies next week before Congress.

Although she’s there to talk about the Russia, Russia, Russia, the question of the tarmac may work its way into a Republican question or two. It’s also likely her deep state allies will brief her on the contents of the documents Fitton will soon have his hands on.

Fitton says, “Judicial Watch just found out today that the FBI has 30 new pages of documents about the Clinton – Lynch tarmac meeting, that scandalous meeting that took place last year. The FBI initially had told Judicial Watch it had no documents.”

He says, “But a separate Judicial Watch lawsuit that uncovered the Clinton tarmac meeting records of the Justice Department found documents showing that the FBI did have documents after all. So therefore they went back and they searched and it turns out they found new documents.”   [VIDEO BELOW]

“This is a scandal,” says Fitton. “I think the FBI was hiding these documents and we only just caught them because of this other lawsuit. We’ve got to have them released as quickly as possible.”

Since FBI Director Christopher Wray is a Comey-Mueller crony, and it is now evident that the entire government of the United States is one “good old boys” club protecting each other from their crimes being discovered, there is no doubt that this was a deliberate lie and violation of law that the FBI is now dismissing as an oversight.

These corrupt, criminal officials, Mueller, Comey, Wary in the picture at lower left, as well as the Clintons, Lynch, and Obama corrupt officials have all been working together for years. Our government is one tight little clique that President Trump and Judicial Watch are exposing. Where is Attorney General Sessions? Probably hiding in somebody’s pocket.

Fitton’s recommendation of getting those documents as quickly as possible may be a long time off. And who’s to say they won’t be covered in black boxes of various sizes as the CYA standard redactions render them virtually useless. One would be a fool to bet against it.

President Trump took someone’s bad advice on Wray. We knew it at the time. Whoever that person was can safely be identified as an establishment operative and should be cut out of any further involvement in White House operations. If Kelly, McMaster and the rest of the good old boy syndicate allow it.

Wray should be put on notice that he’d better put an end to the endless cover ups or he’ll be treated as complicit, if we ever find an honest person in the Justice Department to prosecute him. It won’t be a difficult case to make at all, considering he’s not investigating Comey for his admitted stealing and releasing of classified, privileged government documents. It just takes someone of character with guts. Someone like we thought Jeff Sessions was before he became AG.

There is only one explanation for all of this, and that is the swamp protecting its own through a chain of promoted syndicate underlings with more being groomed all the time.


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4 Comments on New Clinton Tarmac Evidence FBI Good Old Boys Were Hiding – Judicial Watch Again

  1. Four weeks it’s supposed to take for the FBI to get those 30 pages to the Judicial Watch! More than enough time to redact most of the copy. Tom Fitton may be excited about winning, but will he find out he just lost another one? Don’t get me wrong, I love Tom Fitton. He tries so hard! But it seems he’s stymied more often than not.

  2. If I were Trump I’d assign Judicial Watch, if possible, as special counsel to investigate the whole FBI, CIA, NSA, DoJ and clean the cabal out. Maybe even set up a special interment section at Gitmo.

  3. James H. Swor // October 14, 2017 at 12:54 pm // Reply

    “the question of the tarmac may work its way into a Republican question or two.” …!!!

  4. this is what happens when an UNCONSTITUTIONAL AGENCY IS LET OFF THE LEASH.
    this is NOT a modern day thing, they’ve been getting AWAY WITH MURDER FOR DECADES NOW, ALONG WITH THE OTHER ALPHABET AGENCIES.

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