Clinton Solicits Book Tour Ticket Sales On Heather Heyer Death

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Democrats always use the chaos they create to fundraise, invariably pointing the finger of blame for their own wrongdoing and its consequences at their innocent or less culpable opposition.

Clinton is off peddling another one of her insufferable books, with a tour starting soon and sending out a letter in an attempt to stir interest. She’s trying to sell the privileged of buying her “list of excuses and others who were to blame for losing the election,” titled, What Happened. Nowhere is her own name or the fact that she tops the list of most corrupt DC politicians mentioned as a factor.

What she does mention immediately, in the first sentence of her letter soliciting support and cash, is the woman who died in the Charlottesville incident, Heather Heyer. She calls her brave and Clinton actually says she’s been thinking about bravery herself lately. Maybe she should start over, with the definition.

Bravery is not standing in the street with a bunch of other thugs disrupting traffic, threatening and attempting to intimidate people and making a general ass of yourself. Bravery is not getting hit by a car.

Bravery is not participating in a mob whose goal is to beat the daylights out of true peaceful protesters or to entice less than peaceful ones into a response while preventing them from exercising their First Amendment rights.

Clinton, or more likely a paid writer in her employ, wrote, “Friend — I have been thinking lately about bravery — the bravery of citizens like Heather Heyer who lost her life fighting the organized forces of hate and divisiveness.”

If she had actually been fighting the organized forces of hate and divisiveness, she’d have been protesting outside of the DNC or at Hussein Obama’s new DC mansion, The Clinton home or maybe outside to the Soros offices in New York and elsewhere and his Open Society social disruption network.

It is the Democrats who engage in identity politics, who fomented a race war beginning with Ferguson in order to have a campaign issue to sweep Clinton into office. But Heyer wasn’t fighting the Democrats, she supported the communist, Bernie Sanders. She opposed a free America, which is her right but in no way makes her a national hero worthy of respect or honor.

The only redeeming factor in her political expression from the viewpoint of many patriotic Americans is that when her communist shill finished the deal and sold out to Clinton, she opted not to vote rather than support the corrupt kleptocrat Clinton.

The fact that she didn’t vote for Clinton in no way discourages the crooked politician from using her name in her solicitations. There is no integrity in a Clinton.  Heyer was not fighting against division, she was campaigning on the side of divisive, skin color-based politics, BLM, communists, Antifa and other Soros-funded agitators.

Never one to forsake any opportunity to pander and fully willing to stand on anybody’s grave in the interest of making a buck or expanding her power, Clinton wrote, “This fall, I’ll be embarking on a book tour of my own — which means that I’ll be able to see many of you while I’m out on the road. Click here to get more information about where and how you can get tickets, and hopefully I’ll see you soon. Onward!”

No thanks, Clinton – unlike you, most Americans have too much integrity to lower themselves to a verbal exchange with you, let alone purchase the opportunity to do so.


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3 Comments on Clinton Solicits Book Tour Ticket Sales On Heather Heyer Death

  1. For one, I find it extremely hard to believe ANYONE would buy this or any other book “Crooked Clinton” would write! If “that book” doesn’t say who sent the BLM and Antifa to that location, then it’s not worth reading. As far as Heather’s death, had she and her friends not been blocking the road, this would never have happened. So, if Clinton or Soros hired these punks to riot, then THEY are more to blame than the guy who drove into the crowd. Besides that, they said her death was indirectly related to the car driving into the crowd that had the road blocked illegally. There were three terrorist factions there, in Charlottesville that day but only one of them had a permit to be there. The mayor, his “Keystone cops” that did nothing to diffuse the riot, Antifa and BLM were more to blame than the kid driving that car!

  2. Great article of what bravery is not, and the truth on Charlottesville incident.

    There will be nothing to stop the removal of our heritage. They don’t even need riots anymore, most of the cities are now taking down our heritage so as not to offend un-Aericans.

  3. If it weren’t for the Gruberized “useful idiots” of the Left, the journalistic shield-providing MSM and the deep state vermin desperate to maintain power in the DC “swamp,” Hillary would have been tossed on the “ash heap of history” before she even got the Democrat nomination. But NO, Stupidity reigns in “liberaland!”

    Hillary trying to elicit sympathy to sell her phony excuse-laden tome by referring to the tragic death of someone who associated herself with a hate-promoting group as “bravery” is as ridiculous as thinking that her world-wide junkets to bunches of foreign countries constituted “accomplishments.” It’s nothing but unadulterated BS!

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