McCain, Clinton’s ISIS “Freedom Fighters”- Proxies Who Target Kids, Ice Cream Shop

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It’s sometimes hard to keep up with the deluge of hypocrisy that pours out of Washington DC, but bomb blasts and dead people, particularly children, have a way of crystallizing the situation, of separating the truth from the political fiction.  On Monday, in an interview in Australia, Senator John McCain declared Vladimir Putin to be a greater threat, in his opinion, than ISIS. The following day ISIS helped McCain in making a fool of himself once again by blasting an innocent civilians in a huge suicide car bombing. ISIS continued with their new disturbing tactic of targeting children, blowing up a popular Baghdad ice cream parlor.

The suicide bomber detonated an explosives-rigged vehicle in front of the shop early Tuesday, killing 13 people and wounding at least thirty more in the Karrada district of central Baghdad. The attack occurred just days into Ramadan, in which Muslims fast during the day and break their fasting at sundown. Once the sun goes down restaurants and cafes quickly fill up, making the victim density high for the evildoers.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the terrorist act on their website, saying the suicide bomber had targeted a “gathering of Shia”. ISIS considers members of Iraq’s Shia Muslim majority to be heretics. Disagreeing with people is all the rationale ISIS needs for killing them and Shia Muslims are frequently targeted. It’s an age old conflict, with the key question being, “What are we doing getting mixed up in the middle of it?”

The Same “Freedom Fighters” Obama And Clinton Created and McCain Supports

These are the  same “freedom fighters” that Obama and Clinton created, used to fight their proxy wars, including presently in Syria, armed and used to effect the overthrow Gaddafi in Libya. They are the same organizations that John McCain met with personally and for whom he has lobbied hard and incessantly for more American support.

With more ISIS in American training and supplied by the American taxpayers it’s worth noting that 3,000 members of John McCain’s “’Free Syrian Army’ weren’t overrun and driven out by Al Nusra – as previously mentioned. Instead many of these groups had been part of long-running alliances with the Al Qaeda franchise, and simply made it official, bringing their Western arms, cash, and training with them.”

We all know, despite the Obama – Clinton – Kerry efforts to hide the truth, that the Obama regime was instrumental in the overthrow of Gaddafi and that the purpose of the operation in Benghazi where four Americans died in 2012 was at least in part, was to facilitate weapons shipments to these same “freedom fighters” of ISIS, al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

These are bad people, as are Obama, Clinton and McCain. How can Democrats and compromised politicians around the globe continue to revere such despicable traitors to our nation? Why is America, through the CIA, involved in creating and supporting a  murderous organization such as this and why has the complicit US leadership responsible still not been charged for their roles?

DC is a sanctuary swamp for the worst of the world, including those it employs at the highest levels of the United States government. It may not be possible to drain it. We may have to just fill it in and start over in another location.

McCain was very adamant in his support for the “Freedom Fighter” terrorists, including ISIS, saying, “I know these people, I’m in contact with them all the time.”

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  1. Freddie Arthur Hisle // May 30, 2017 at 1:12 pm // Reply

    Rick, too bad that the alleged media does not put this and many other truths on the news, and in the alleged news papers. Three of the biggest traitors, which there are many more like them are still free to create havoc in the middle east and here.

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