Clinton Holds “Don’t Blame Me For Losing,” Bad Vlad And Trump Cheated CNN Excuse Event

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Poor little sniveling cry babies should never be elected president of the United States and she wasn’t, they were just a few Mexicans short in the vote tallies. Just as Hussein Obama was a disaster for black Americans, although not being one himself, Hillary Clinton would have been a catastrophe for sexist women who vote based upon biological plumbing or claimed identity.

It’s been almost six months since we averted disaster and the mechanism for the culmination of the destruction of the United State, Hillary Clinton, being inserted, yet still she’s out playing to the “Oh, you poor mistreated little girl, you” crowd.

Supposedly she was defeated by Putin, as she tells the gathering, who exposed her crimes though releases to WikiLeaks. If that’s the case, she would have been an even bigger target for blackmail after she was elected, given all of the information he had gleaned from her illegal, unprotected, bootleg Chappaqua server. So we’re supposed to believe that he would work to defeat such a malleable tool or one with whom he had previously negotiated some very favorable deals. Wasn’t that Clinton who sent Russia our uranium in exchange for bribes paid into the Clinton Foundation money laundering system. Why would he work against a sweet deal like that?

She’s asked by her CNN Fake News assistant posing as a journalist if she buys the claims that it was personal on the part of Putin, a way to further solidify the false premise that she’s a victim of those mean men. Clinton says he “certainly interfered in our election,” although there has still not been a shred of evidence to support those claims. “And it was clear he interfered to hurt me and help my opponent.”

She goes deep into the woods in fabricating a reason why Putin hated her enough to sabotage her campaign, supposedly based upon her actions following his election after his stint as Prime Minister. Her “speaking out against the integrity of his election” was also before the Uranium deal and the big donations to the foundation. It appeared that greed had conquered all but then he suddenly started to hate her; odd.

Following her session of blaming Putin and Trump for everything that went wrong, Clinton declares that she takes absolute personal responsibility. It’s good that we got that settled. She never does address that hash tag #shebringspeace on the wall behind her. Where did she supposedly bring peace to? Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Darfur, Nigeria? Wouldn’t a #shebringsterrorism or #queenofchaos hash tag been much more appropriate?

She highlights how she almost pulled off the scam, almost got elected despite her criminality, until Jim Comey’s letter of October 28th refocused the attention on her corruption and the “Russian WikiLeaks” exposed what trash she really is to the voters. She says they overcame “a lot in the campaign,” including a “large barrage of negativity.” All of it was created by her own actions and none of it was untrue. She’s complaining that the onslaught of information about what a horrible person she is was just too much to overcome. Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

She says the election was on October 28th, but most people went to the polls on November 8th.  Maybe she should mark Election Day on her calendar in the future. – On second thought, please don’t. Clinton says “you just can’t make this stuff up.” But of course, that’s exactly what she did all through the campaign, particularly when she was asked about her health, the emails or her record of “public service.” Lie and wait for the media to cover it up, and blame “Bad Vlad.”

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2 Comments on Clinton Holds “Don’t Blame Me For Losing,” Bad Vlad And Trump Cheated CNN Excuse Event

  1. Rev. Nancy Korb // May 3, 2017 at 4:22 pm // Reply

    Hillary, you know darned good and well that you lost. The only reason you went looking is because you absolutely knew you had everything set up and stacked. The fact that we looked behind you is that you people have cheated so much, that we know where to look now. YOU CHEATED. And more more we’re finding out how many Illegal Votes are showing up. The margin by which you thought you won, has shrunk to just about nothing. You didn’t win…you didn’t even come close. You sat alone at most of your rallies. There is no way.

    Ryan…you are closet Democrat. We no longer trust anything you do or say. Hopefully the President will be removing you from the Speaker’s job. AT least you won’t be close to getting into the Presidency if anything should happen to the President and V President. You are coward and I believe you helped Obama to do what he did with the taxpayer monies to pay Iran.

    It looks as if the Budget giveaway was announced a bit too early. You were all having great fun counting yourselves as winners. I think you’re going to have to actually shut the government down this time. You threaten to do it every single administration, and for some reason it has struck fear in the hearts of the Republicans. No more. Shut it down. We’re never safer than when the dem/libbers are on vacation or on a shut down. Just because you’re shutting down, doesn’t mean that the Republicans will. You may come back from your shut down and find that you no longer have a job. Who knows. There are lots of things that can happen on a shut down, aren’t there? WE are beginning to use your tactics. You’re very good teachers. We are using your “nuclear Option.” And we did warn you it would come back and bite you in the hiney. We may even use your filibusters. We do have more people in Congress to fill in. It might last a bit longer. And when we are done, we will make a law that those things can never be used again. Let’s see, if we actually have a great sit down and figure out all the things that you’ve done, and then do them to you…let’s see how much longer you last. Have a good shut down. Enjoy your vacation.

    Sometimes it is simpler to give the other team back what they have been dishing out. Be well all of you.

  2. What’s her face forgot to ask the victim HRC why she rigged the primaries against poor Bernie. Insufferable three time loser is now an activist, like it’s a new job. She has always been an Alinsky clone, so what’s new? Just go away Hilda and take Howdy Doody with you, she is getting dumber by the day.

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