Clinton Campaign Mgr Mook On Comey – Hypocrisy So Extreme, Even Challenged By CNN

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Robbie “Swamp Muck” Mook, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 losing campaign  manager reminds us that he didn’t get that job because he’s an honest American patriot as he spins and distorts the firing of James Comey into something just short of Armageddon.

The CNN host says she’s interested in his first guttural reaction to the news that Comey was out of a job. Of course his real first reaction was “we’re screwed,” likely followed by a call to his lawyer and perhaps to Clinton or DNC Chair Tom Perez to find out what the coordinated lie is. He doesn’t admit that, instead, he rolls it out.

Swamp Muck doesn’t answer her question, he picks up on the mention of the word “tweet,” and opens up the can of tripe he’s been told to serve up. Mook says, “Well you mentioned tweeting, I think my first tweet on this was I did not think this boded well for the Russia investigation. That was my immediate concern.”

Really, Robbie? No concern that with the obstructionist removed from the FBI you, Clinton, Abedin and the whole despicable gang of anti-American operatives could go to prison? Obviously he’s been told to steer the conversation into one repeating the same lie about Russia and the President and away from the real critical problem for him and his comrades.

The little Democrat drama queen says, “And over time [a day] that concern has grown into a deep fear that the fundamental tenets of our democracy are breaking down here. The President is not allowed to be above the law.” Of course, the Secretary of State and the pretend ‘president’ she worked for were different. They are allowed to be above the law, they’re Democrat crooks.

The partisan ass who covered up for the profiteering, pilfering public parasite, and aided her in feeding off the American people and in putting herself into a position to potentially do much more damage had she won the election, has the hypocritical  audacity to claim that he’s concerned about “the very tenets of our democracy?”

He repeats the talking points that Schumer laid out earlier, obviously part of his media kit, that Preet Bharara,  one of 46 US Attorneys asked to resign and the only one who insubordinately refused, and acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, who took it upon herself to declare an executive order issued by the President to be unconstitutional and insubordinately ordered the US DOJ not to enforce it, were targeted. The Democrats always understand obedience when they’re walking in lockstep for their agenda, it only gets foggy when a political opportunity presents itself.

Just Two Months Ago, “Little Robby” Had Himself Called for Comey’s Removal

The lying little worm says, “What’s scary to me,” [other than homophobes] ‘is that the President is trying to convince everyone that he’s doing it on Hillary Clinton’s behalf.” Of course that’s another complete lie. President Trump is just exposing the hypocrisy of those who were calling for Comey’s firing on her behalf and then did a complete 180 after he was canned. Trump didn’t do this for Clinton, although now it may well have an impact on her, increasing the chances that she will end up being indicted.

Even the two CNN hosts can’t let the blatant dishonesty pass without a challenge, with both of them questioning him on his assertions. One points out that just two months ago, “Little Robby” had himself called for Comey’s removal, over both for the email situation and also the fake Russia investigation, stating his credibility is gone.

The female host asks why Mucky Mook would make such a statement in March and then now have this feigned outrage. It’s his concern for the Republic, and that our standards are getting “whittled down.” As he explained it earlier in the conversation, the Russians have, according to him, undermined our electoral process, our media, and now our justice system.

Right, “Robby boy,” a yearlong investigation by three agencies has produced no evidence, MSM media has been pounding away on the same fake story for that entire time with no proof, and the Justice Department employee who was obstructing and facilitating a cover up just got fired and you’re worried about our standards under this administration? After the mountain of evidence on Clinton was ignored by its predecessor? And you have the nerve to say James Comey doesn’t have any credibility?

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