Clinton – Better Brainwashing, Distortions and Lies Key To Taking Back White House

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Hillary Clinton made an appearance Sunday on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS (Grotesque Physical Specimen). Zakaria is a CFR member born in Mumbai, India, to a Konkani Muslim family. His father was an Islamic theologian. They are both actively engaged in facilitating the globalist takeover of America.

Clinton laid out where the left, at least the left that she represents and takes her instructions from, is headed and exposes some of the real aims of what they’re doing behind the facade of an American political party.

As she panders to every identity political group, she asks the Muslim Zakaria at the 2:17 mark of the video, for those who can only take just so much Clinton, “Why are we scapegoating Muslims?

She talks about what the Democrats falsely represent as core values and rights, the deceptive enabling veneer of the nanny state global fascists that is in reality communism for the slave population. She says “We have to do a better job of explaining to people, you are being snookered.”

Naturally the globalist believe regular folks are much too stupid to evaluate that on their own and realize who really is deceiving them and for many that is true. The globalist Democrats believe they need to be herded, and will accept being indoctrinated even more than they already have been, Soviet style.

In making the case for cradle to grave control of the ignorant slaves, she says their message must be, “The real threat to your future is a government that doesn’t care about you and is taking actions that will make your life even harder.” Ask anyone who escaped the Soviet Union or Cuba to come to America, what Clinton and Zakaria are trying to snooker Americans into is much harder and more deadly than our Constitutional Republic in its present form.

Of course the reality is that no government cares about anyone, government is a system made up of individuals, many of whom might be caring people, many who are just as evil as Clinton. Government is an inanimate framework of regulations, programs, revenue collection and spending on various segments. Some are beneficial and some are not. It’s incapable of any emotion, including caring.

That’s particularly true of a global communist government like the one she and Zakaria are pushing. Less government involvement and control over our daily lives is always better. They’re pitching more. We don’t need bureaucrats telling us how to live our lives and confiscating our property.

This criminal, who should be sitting in a cell somewhere while her sentence for espionage is under appeal, who sold America out for untold billions of dollars, has the audacity to dismiss the Trump administration in just nine months as “favoring the wealthy beyond anything we’ve ever, ever seen before.”

Clinton goes on to declare that President Trump’s support is shrinking, that only the hard core of his base remain. She goes on to reveal a portion of their game plan as she sees it, saying, “We have to do a better job of making it really clear that a lot of what he’s doing is to distract from the very real impacts of actions he and his government are taking.”

She goes on to claim falsehoods that will be used to divide and conquer, just as the left has been doing since Ferguson. Escalating that program seems to be the plan of attack for the moment. She names off a laundry list of identity politics points of attack, saying, “They are turning back regulations on equal pay, on overtime pay, that’s money out of workers’ pockets, they are going after health regulations by opening the door to chemicals and pesticides.”

Once again, just as with the Climate hoax, they are using scare tactics and extreme false claims to herd the “stupid people” as they did with Obamacare. She says, “So we can go down this line and we have to do a better job of making it clear what the stakes really are.” That means redefine and distort, in non-Clinton, regular American English.

President Trump and his do-nothing Attorney General need to put a muzzle on this dog by tossing her in the federal pound along with the other criminal mutts still running loose despite hard evidence of serious crimes. Do your job, Sessions, defend this nation from these anti-American operatives.

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3 Comments on Clinton – Better Brainwashing, Distortions and Lies Key To Taking Back White House


  2. Excuse me, Hillary, but muslims by definition are not a religion, neither is Islam. Islam and Muslims in general are like Antifa. Radicals, determined to wipe out anyone who is not brainwashed into their beliefs, and even then must be just like them in every way. That’s in color, faith, family order, rules (not laws) and MURDER of all who don’t agree. You can’t push them on the American people anymore, because we know what they are. GO AWAY HILLARY! You do not, never have, belonged here.

  3. She could possibly be right about one thing, Trump’s base. If he continues to give mixed signals, and signs an amnesty bill, signs a GOP “insurance subsidy bill”, a path to single payer, he will lose a large portion of the base.

    If he plows hard ahead with the campaign policies, no compromise, he will get even stronger.

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