Clinton Booed In UK As She’s “Honored” With Fake Award, “Law” School Named After Her

clinton swansea booed boos

Often when the left wants to elevate their despicable operatives and to provide them with a platform from which to spew their effluent, they will offer them some kind of stupid, meaningless award that means nothing but has the appearance of attaching a certain undeserved dignity to them.

That’s what former French President Hollande did when he gave Arnold Schwarzenegger some kind of dumb fake climate award right before he left office in April and it’s what the leftists at Swansea University in Wales did with the criminal Hillary Clinton.

The Saturday charade took the form of most damaging, vile espionage criminal of all time being given a boost to her hopelessly tarnished image and presented with an award, laughably, for her “commitment” to promoting the rights of families and children. Sure she’s made a career of profiting on and abusing women and children right along with the men of America and the world, but it is, after all, a phony award.

Even more indicative of how tightly the globalist cabal has a grip on Swansea University’s Bay Campus, the College of Law was also renamed the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law. Classes in treason, evading justice and subversive politics will now surely be part of the new Clinton curriculum.

Not all of the students or public were happy that the criminal was being honored or invited to speak, as the video shows. The crowd was kept far back in order to allow the anti-American criminal and her partner in crime Huma Abedin an unobstructed safe zone for entering the school.

They couldn’t drown out the boos, though, as the corrupt couple exited the vehicle for the short walk inside. Clinton turned and waved to the crowd, which was not impressed.

Once inside she engaged in Obama style lecturing, telling her audience how bad Brexit is and how it has left children disadvantaged, the same open borders garbage she dumps out in the US. She also spoke highly of the globalist European Union, as was to be expected.


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4 Comments on Clinton Booed In UK As She’s “Honored” With Fake Award, “Law” School Named After Her

  1. This is hilarious! The only reason the liberal loons in Britain did this is because they are just like her. Also, the Brits lost to George Washington and have been trying to retake America back to their stupid country ideas for over 200 years.

  2. Why do they have the guts to BOO when Hillary shows up, but they don’t have the guts to fight back at Muslims in their country? Though I did like the sound of the BOOS, but Hillary didn’t seem to notice them, lol.

  3. Looks like we’ll never get rid of this hag.

  4. Dr Rolland Kerr // October 16, 2017 at 11:53 pm // Reply

    Remember the British are still trying to make Americans forget about Kidnapping U.S. Sailors and using them for you know what!

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