Clinton Aide Denied Allegations Of Her Collusion With Loretta Lynch, But Not Really

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It’s reported as an “ex-Clinton aide” ripping Russia for using her name in documents. First of all, aside from the Seth Rich – Vince Foster method or the Dick Morris hiding in plain sight method, is anyone ever really a “former” top aide to either of the Clintons?

It’s clear from the text of her Thursday op-ed in Medium that the aide, Amanda Renteria is still working for the Clintons and the DNC. She not only attempts to refute the claims of the Russians that she was intercepted conspiring with Loretta Lynch on Hillary Clinton’s behalf, but seizing the opportunity to take the obligatory shot at President Trump as having been colluding with the Russians, repeating the old, proven false, Clinton – Obama “17 intelligence agencies lie.”

The Washington Post reported that a document obtained by the FBI, was a piece of purported analysis by Russian intelligence. It contained references to an email written by then-chair of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), and sent to Leonard Benardo, an official with the anti-American globalist George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

It described the contents of the email as stating that Wasserman Schultz claimed AG Lynch had been in private communication with a senior Clinton campaign staffer named Amanda Renteria, during the campaign. The document indicated Lynch had told Renteria that she would not let the FBI investigation into Clinton go too far.

Renteria wrote in the Thursday Washington Post op-ed, ” Please understand that the Russians were not really targeting me personally. They are willing to use or harm any of us in order to achieve their goals.”  She’s setting up what is either obvious spin or has an awareness of the behind the scenes events that belie her contentions. How would someone not involved know what the intentions of the Russians were or are? If she did have that criminal conversation with Lynch it definitely has something to do with her. It’s a little something called obstruction of justice and it’s a felony.

Renteria misspoke, either deliberately or accidentally, in her op-ed, writing, “The latest report is about a completely made-up email exchange between me and former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch.” There is a statement in the Washington Post that it was a private communication but it never indicates what type of communication or communications were alleged to have taken place. It could have been emails, though Clinton a Clinton email, it seems, is never really private, and she might have understandably been leery of providing more evidence during the height of her being investigated. It could have been direct communication of the nature that took place between Lynch and Bill Clinton. Was Renteria spotted loitering around any airport tarmacs during that time? Is describing it as an email an attempt to deny it without actually lying in the strictest sense to the world in her op-ed?

She also states, “The FBI and Washington Post have both investigated this and concluded that the storyline has no basis in reality. It was simply made up by the Russians.” Whatever the Washington Post may have reported or determined was undoubtedly jaded by their Clinton bias so that is an empty argument.

As for the FBI, they claim to have never been able to verify the information contained in the Russian document, yet, aside from a cursory mention to Loretta Lynch a month after Comey made his announcement that Clinton was off the hook, not a single individual was ever interviewed regarding the allegations made or the content. It’s hardly a repudiation of the veracity of the document and more of a case of ignoring it due to it being critical of Hillary Clinton and implicating the Attorney General. For an FBI Director anxious to investigate the President and drag out the investigation it’s inconsistent not to likewise look into possible obstruction by the woman who met Bill Clinton on the tarmac.

The Washington Post reported that the document played a key role in Comey deciding against prosecuting Clinton, supposedly based upon a fear that the allegations of collusion with the Clinton campaign would create the perception that there was impropriety should the information become public. The impropriety itself, through the actions of Comey, Lynch and Renteria are having that same impact today.

The only thing consistent about James Comey are his inconsistency, his infatuation with attentive television cameras, and his propensity and fondness for the abuse of his power. Renteria got off of the hook the same way her boss Hillary Clinton did, through James Comey’s willingness to look the other way and forgo a genuine investigation and prosecution.


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2 Comments on Clinton Aide Denied Allegations Of Her Collusion With Loretta Lynch, But Not Really

  1. Have any of the know all experts ever been to Russia, lived in Russia, meet the citizens and spoken to them in their own language or saw the movie “The Russians Are Coming”. So what do they really know.

  2. radman414 // May 26, 2017 at 8:25 pm // Reply

    When will a special investigation TEAM and a special prosecutorial TEAM be appointed to investigate the “smokehouse” full of evidence of REAL conspiracies and non-Russia-involved collusion that took place, both internally at the DNC and between HRC’s campaign, the FBI, various sycophants in the Obama administration and the MSM, etc.? Lots of corrupt leftist “vermin” need to be locked up before the “swamp” can even be partially “drained.”

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