Climate Scare Declared Officially Over- Error In Model Calculations Discovered

lord monckton climate scare hoax


Acclaimed climate realist and former adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Lord Christopher Monckton, has some major news of a breakthrough discovery he has made in the area of climate science. He’s interviewed at the “Global-Warming; an Inconvenient Lie” conference in Phoenix, AZ by Millie Weaver, a reporter for Infowars.

Moncton is proud to be able to announce that he and his “team of very distinguished professors and doctors of science have discovered a major, significant, substantial error in the way in which the computer models calculate how much warming they would predict should be happening.” He says, “Take that error away and there is no longer any climate problem. You might get one or two Celsius of warming with a doubling of CO2 concentration but you won’t get much more than that.”

He says, “All the suggestions that we’re facing some tipping point and suddenly we might see five or six, seven, eight, ten, twelve, thirteen Celsius of warming for a doubling of CO2, the kind of dramatic figures that have been appearing in some scientific papers, we can now prove that all of those very high end forecasts of how much warming we might get are based on an error in mathematics. Correct for the error and we are back down to a maximum of two, perhaps two and a half Celsius of warming for a doubling of CO2.”

Monckton says, “I have been looking for this error in the mathematics for ten years. I have known it was there but I didn’t know what the error was, I just knew they’d made a mistake. He then goes on to explain in some mathematical detail how he knew it, describing himself as a classical mathematician.

He also has an announcement regarding a discovery by one of his esteemed colleagues, Professor William Happer of Princeton, who discovered that “the central estimate of global warming has been exaggerated by forty percent.” When his result is combined with the discovery by Monckton declares, officially, that the climate scare is over.

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9 Comments on Climate Scare Declared Officially Over- Error In Model Calculations Discovered

  1. Some scientist say the earth is going to cool half a degree for the next 50 years and then warm up 1°. So the people of the world are expected to hand over trillions of dollars for something that is a guess, to the crooked politicians that can’t control or do a damn thing about.

    One super volcano going off could put us into an ice age that would kill most living things on earth. And the odds of the super volcano going off is pretty good. Yellowstone is one of those super volcanoes that is past due. It could erupt tomorrow or in 300 years no one knows for sure.

    An ice age is far more dangerous than our climate warming 1° or 5° in 300 years.

    And the biggest concern is none of the above. We are far more likely to totally destroy the earth with a nuclear war. Because of the greedy warmongers that profit from war and large multinationals that want to steal the conquered countries resources.

    How they don’t understand making earth a radioactive waste land is a bad idea is beyond me.

    Just because the .001% thinks they can survive in their underground bunkers that was bought and paid for by the taxpayers. Half million years is a long time. And when you have that many deranged sociopaths together in their tunnels and underground bunkers, how long would it be till they turned on each other?

  2. Let’s hope Canada reads this too! At last, some science!

  3. Robert Harris II // December 15, 2016 at 10:47 am // Reply

    I’d find this article a great deal weightier if it said just what this error was.

  4. Follow the money…Global warming is all about carbon credits…Al Gore knows all about that scheme.

  5. yeah, but all those dolts who joined the global warming RELIGION won’t abandon their beliefs because they were never based on fact in the first place

  6. Isn’t it nice when know all, see all, idiots get their head out of their ass.

  7. Dr. Deplorable // December 14, 2016 at 11:46 am // Reply

    This Deplorable Doctor has always known The Massive Global Waring Claims were merely to pad the bank accounts of some Crooks like Old Al Gore!

  8. Make sure President Trump sees this…

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