Climate Huckster Schwarzenegger Attacks Trump For Messing Up His UN Profiteering

Schwarzenegger is really upset that President Trump blew his sweet UN profiteering scheme. Riding a sissy Obama bike as a green statement, he claimed subnational efforts will

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is upset that his nemesis, President Trump, not only mocked his horrible performance as a replacement on The Apprentice, but he’s put all of the Austrian’s green energy investments that Obama had lined up for him as sure things in doubt.

To provide the prerequisite fake imagery for his proclamations, the climate clown and two of his cronies rode green Obama-bikes, the nerdcycles he was so fond of, in Paris to a waiting group of reporters. They were followed closely by at least two vans, probably containing security personnel, meaning that his little stunt was powered by and burning fossil fuel.

He probably didn’t ride a bike from the Paris airport either, and nobody else did.  That means that they’re all climate hypocrites, as usual, lecturing to the rest of us to embrace austerity while they continue to live the good, privileged life. Did Schwarzenegger stoop so low as to fly commercial to France in the name of his sincere cause? It’s not likely. Members of the corrupt climate elite have their own jets or charter one. Commercial flights are for peasants.

The anger over his investment pathway being obstructed by President Trump putting America first is clear in his voice, much clearer than the words he attempts to utter. The bad actor who ingeniously turned his inability to speak his lines into a winning financial formula attacked President Trump for representing America instead of George Soros.

As a globalist RINO, Schwarzenegger is quite accustomed to and comfortable lying, saying, “It doesn’t matter that Donald Trump backed out of the Paris agreement. Because the private sector didn’t back out, the public sector didn’t back out, the universities didn’t drop out, scientists didn’t drop out, engineers didn’t drop out. No one dropped out.”

He continues, “Donald Trump pulled Donald Trump out of the Paris agreement. So don’t worry about any of that.” If that were true why is Schwarzenegger getting so worked up over something that is irrelevant?

The private sector investors that were going to get fat on the backs of the American people are still looking for a way to make it happen. Many of them, like UN hack and profiteer Schwarzenegger, are behind the effort to drive our President out of office for his “crimes” of putting reality ahead of fantasy and America before personal gain.

The public sector, particularly at the federal level and in areas where they aren’t fleecing the citizens “California style,” are pulling back out of necessity, the cash cow that supported them in their blind insanity is no more. Universities and scientists who were “grant whores” willing to come to any conclusions that resulted in more funding will continue to do so until that funding, which is already diminishing, is gone.

Only those existing off the public dole and their comrades seeing an opportunity to make a “climate killing” financially haven’t dropped out and, to borrow a favorite term of the left, their positions in their current post-election form are not sustainable. People don’t really prefer to commit suicide, especially when it is solely for the enrichment of bad people, like Herr Schwarzenegger.

He and his fellow profiteers are attempting to fill the void left by Trump’s decision by pilfering as much as they can off of state and other government bodies, to keep their criminal climate organizations going until they can position one of their exploitative globalist brethren into a position to rob us blind, the way Obama had things set up.

Schwarzenegger said, “We on the subnational level are going to pick up the slack and we’re going to continue on.”

He sounds desperate. As more nations put their own interests before pilfering politicians, it would not be surprising to see him in a straight jacket in the near future. A green one that matches his tie and bicycle would be best, providing more of that symbolism the green parasites are so fond of.

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