Climate Hoax Swamp Vermin Pitch Marxist “Life Tax” At White House

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The Bloomberg report described them as “old guard Republicans,” which is effectively the same as if they had used the words “establishment Republicans” or “the Republican swamp masters that were supposed to be excluded.” Rather than being shut out for having placed personal profits and power ahead of the national interest and what’s good for the American people, they’re now being given an opportunity to craft an oppressive “everything tax.”

A carbon tax is a tax on living, on breathing, on eating, on producing. It has nothing to do with correcting or facing the hoax of climate change that is used as the pretext to usher it in and everything to do with globalist control and corporate oligarch pilferage.

It is unconscionable that a collection of charlatans such as those entertained Wednesday by President Trump’s top economic adviser, Gary Cohn, would be allowed to present a plan for the fleecing of the American people once again. They got away with it at the start of the Obama regime, with the “financial crisis” for which the response was to give billions of taxpayer dollars to these crooks to spread around to each other. The orchestrator of that pilferage was once again prominently included in this gathering, former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson.

Now he’s got his own institute and a grand scheme for getting his hands on our money. The data supporting the myth of climate change has been shown numerous times to be a deliberate fraud, most recently the evidence that NOAA falsified data by simply making up global temperature readings it doesn’t take or have, making certain they showed record warmth. They also rushed an unsubstantiated and flawed refutation of the pause in warming into report form in order to have it available for use in the sale of the scam in the 2015 Paris Climate Summit. We’ve been reassured that President Trump understands it’s a lie and a fraud. So why does he allow the swamp vermin into the White House in a pitch to dip their filthy hands once again into our pockets?

We could write it off as just another one of President Trump’s many panels of experts and industry leaders if the individuals involved weren’t the very parasites he promised to exile from Washington power. Just three days ago Vice President Mike Pence shared a box at the Super Bowl with one of the organizers, Former Treasury Secretary James Baker. It’s not like the fleas from one rat can’t jump off and infest the newcomer, in fact that’s what can be expected. That’s what fleas do and creatures like Baker are covered in them. Why on God’s Earth were these two together at all, but especially just days before this staged White House event?

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In pitching his angle on saddling us with a permanent, and increasing tax on living, Paulson said in a statement, “Climate change poses an unacceptable risk to our climate and to our economy. Putting a price on carbon is by far the most efficient and effective way to restrict emissions.” Restrict emissions is synonymous with restricting economic prosperity which will force commerce overseas where cheap labor and regulatory burdens don’t exist. It’s the same kill America plan this group of globalists trying to be Trump’s friend have been implementing since the fabricated “oil crisis” of the seventies. They’re attempting to convince him there’s no choice, he’s got to finish the destruction of America, he’s got to pick up where Obama left off.

Baker pretends to be one of us, saying, he remains, “somewhat of a skeptic about the extent to which man is responsible for climate change” but the “risks are too great to ignore.” What he really is is somewhat of a opportunistic money changer fraud. There are no risks but there is virtually unlimited wealth and power for some. That, for these con artists and their masters, is too great to be ignored.

Bloomberg described the plan as “a $40 tax on every metric ton of carbon dioxide released by burning fossil fuels, with the price climbing over time. To avoid an undue burden on the poor from the higher energy bills that would result, the projected $200 billion to $300 billion in annual revenue would be redistributed to households in the form of quarterly checks from the Social Security Administration. Families of four would see an average annual payout of $2,000 under the plan.”

So what we have is some good old fashioned communist redistribution of wealth. It starts out low, just like the federal income tax did, and increases as it becomes more entrenched and unavoidable. To help people pay for the resulting energy costs, state assistance and dependency is provided in quarterly support checks, bribing the welfare class to accept their fate and dragging the rest of us along with them.

It’s got the endorsement of millionaire “climate expert” Mitt Romney, who called it a “thought-provoking plan from highly respected conservatives to both strengthen the economy and confront climate risks.” Everybody trusts Mitt, right? Conservatism didn’t used to share a philosophical basis with socialism or communism, but if that is today’s definition, count me out.

Romney might respect these ass hats, but the odds are he’s just poised to make some of the bucks along with them. Americans want all of them kicked out, on their butts, from any positions of power and never allowed to return. President Trump is a smart guy, surely too smart to allow himself to be schmoozed by these money changers as they visit the government temple. They come representing the enemy and are themselves the enemy. They and their plot are a threat. This is nothing less than an obvious attempt to further subvert and subjugate an already enslaved American people. Let’s hope our President is two steps ahead of them, as usual, and has our backs – as well as his own.

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3 Comments on Climate Hoax Swamp Vermin Pitch Marxist “Life Tax” At White House

  1. Walter Norman // February 10, 2017 at 3:37 am // Reply

    Americans wake up as this will destroy your country. For example look what has been done in Ontario Canada. High rates of electricity because of the Carbon tax. The federal government of Canada is going to do the same for the nation of Canada as well. In Ontario many families have to chose between food or electricity to heat heir homes. The poor are getting poorer and the middle class are disappearing.

  2. Surprise, surprise, I thought it would take the globalist, Pence, a little longer to show some leg. He must be believing the impeachment talk being thrown around about Trump.

  3. Instead of “Old guard Republicans”, may I recommend “Republiscum” for all future uses. “Long time Swamp Rats” is an alternative.

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