Rep Clay Higgins – NFL Is Dead To Me, Because The American Flag Lives In Me

clay higgins

He used to be Captain Clay Higgins, targeting gangsters and thugs with the badge of the St. Landry Parish Louisiana Sheriff’s Department.

Now he’s a US Representative Louisiana’s 3rd congressional district. The job has changed somewhat but the talk, the perspective and the respect for this nation are the same.

Rep Higgins addressed the issue of the NFL, what it used to mean in his youth, and how irrelevant it has recently become. Higgins said, in a video on the topic, “Ever since I was a kid, the beginning of football season was something I really looked forward to. I’m telling you, it was a joyous time of the year.”

“Finally,” said Higgins, “August had arrived, the pre-season would begin. Teams would take shape, hoping my New Orleans Saints would be born again. It was just a beautiful, very American thing. No matter what was going on in the world or something in my own life, the NFL was there.”

“American professional football was pure and real and bad-ass and patriotic.” But things have changed. Higgins revealed, “Now, I just don’t watch the NFL anymore. To see these guys that make millions of dollars kneel and are sitting down during our national anthem is sickening to me.”

Higgins says, “To watch them disrespecting every Veteran and every solid America patriot. To insult the memory of Americans who have fought and sacrificed or given life or limb beneath the glory of our flag, to watch the weakness that the NFL has allowed itself to become, it’s just heartbreaking to me, man.”

He says, “And it pisses me off. America hasn’t abandoned the NFL, the NFL has abandoned America. Roger Goodell’s legacy is this era, the complete decline of what American football has always stood for. If these guys earning massive paychecks to play a game want to sit down during our national anthem, they can sit their ass down in the locker room.”

“If I owned a team, they would not be on my field and they would not wear my uniform.” He says, “They have the right to disrespect our national anthem and I have the right to turn off the TV. My Sundays have a lot more Harley Davidson time now.”

Higgins closes, saying, “Unless and until the NFL makes a bold stance against the appalling disrespect of our national anthem, the NFL is dead to me. Because the American flag that waves above me is alive inside of me.


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3 Comments on Rep Clay Higgins – NFL Is Dead To Me, Because The American Flag Lives In Me

  1. Let’s hope the country gets back to actions have consequences and outs a stake in the heart of PC.

  2. Well said, Rep. Higgins.

  3. Fred A. Hisle // September 28, 2017 at 5:23 pm // Reply

    Clay Higgins, you are Correct, and may God Bless You.

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