Clarke, Elder – Racist Blacks, Whites Need To Stop Attacking White Folks

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MTV pushed the “It’s always okay to attack white men as racists” envelope just a little too far for even their own low, ground-scraping standards, with a video that pretended to offer advice on how to not be so racist in New Year’s Resolutions for 2017. The video ran on MTV News, which means it was never news to begin with and is just more of the typical manure from the extreme left.

Sheriff David Clarke takes the first swing at bat, asking what is it that MTV has against white people. He doesn’t have anything against white people or white males in particular. Clarke doesn’t choose his friends based upon superficial considerations but rather on the type of comments and behavior they exhibit. He says the American voters spoke up in November, and they’ve had enough of the white people bashing.

Clarke says, “The white male has been bashed continually by the left and by the Democrat Party, rose up in November, went to the polls, they’ve had enough of this crap too. It is time for this country to come together, that identity politics was crushed on November 8th.”

Larry Elder points out that “there are two groups you can malign and ridicule in this country any kind of pushback and that’s black conservatives and white males. He points to some statistics in a Rasmussen poll of a few years prior that asked groups of blacks, Hispanics and whites of the three groups which was the most racist. All agreed, including the black group, that blacks were the most racist and anti-Semitic.

Bolling asks each of his guests if blacks can be considered racists. Sheriff Clarke chuckles and replies, “Of course they can, citing Al Sharpton, Hussein Obama and Eric Holder as obvious examples. Larry Elder adds Jeremiah Wright to the list and agrees that the leftist ideology is the problem, what we’ve witnessed Hussein Obama attempt to capitalize upon since Ferguson and before, for the sake of political gains.

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