David Clarke – Sexual Assault Enabler Hillary Clinton Cares Nothing About Victims

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David Clarke hasn’t been on TV as much lately as he used to be, back when he was Milwaukee Country Sheriff and Obama was stirring up the agitators to claim white privilege at the drop of a hat. He’s stopped by Fox and Friends for an evaluation of Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy and what her actions revealed about her. And he didn’t drop his hat.

The segment was preceded by a from a BBC interview in which Hillary Clinton falsely claims that President Trump is an “admitted sexual assaulter,” which provides the basis for the interview.

Clinton said, “This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere, whether it’s in entertainment, politics, after all, we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office, there has to be a recognition that we must stand against this kind of action that is so sexist and misogynistic.”

The interviewer followed up, “And this depends upon women coming forward, having the courage to come forward, and yet in your book, the three women brought onto stage by Trump, attacking your husband and you kind of dismissed it. Was that the right thing to do, are you sure about that?”

Clinton dismisses them yet again, saying falsely, “Well, yes, because that had all been litigated. I mean that was the subject of a huge investigation, as you might recall, in the late nineties. And there were conclusions drawn and that was clearly in the past.” So drawing conclusion now  equals litigation to this lying piece of liberal trash? Sheriff Clarke unloads on her.

He begins by observing, “There’s a reason that President Trump refers to Mrs. Bill Clinton as “crooked Hillary.” He reminds us, “She sat up there during the trysts that her husband was having, actual rape allegations, some that have been proven, and she defended the actions of her husband and she trashed the reputation of those victims.”

He continues, “So for her to sit up here today and say victims need to be believed because they have to have the courage to come forward. And when the victims of her husband came forward she trashed them, she called them floozies, she blamed it on a right wing conspiracy.”   [VIDEO BELOW]

“Now in that clip you showed,” Clarke says, “when she said we have an admitted sexual assault person in the White House, she was going back to her husband’s years because that’s when we had a sexual assault suspect inside the White House.”

Clarke says Clinton has proven time and time again, not only during the campaign but during this phony book tour that she’s on that she’s morally bankrupt. Her ethics elevator has no bottom floor and she will do whatever she has to do to protect herself, her image, and her reputation.”

He says, “If there’s one person in the United States of America, maybe in the world, who has no respect for the victims of sexual assault, the women who have been sexually assaulted or have been subject to that sort of behavior in the workplace, it’s Mrs. Bill Clinton.”

Clarke says, “She doesn’t care about those women, her politics matters more to her. The reputation of her husband, to prop him up in the White House for her future political endeavors was more important to her than these victims.”

He adds, “Actually, women’s groups ought to be coming out right now and attacking her and going after her for not only her past treatment of women who have claimed sexual assault or sexual harassment, but for what’s going on right now.”

“I’m really surprised, says Clarke. “If she was doing what she really wanted to do, she probably would be defending Harvey Weinstein right now. But right now she knows that the whole thing caved in on him and she’s left with nothing to do but kind of shovel dirt on his grave. But that woman is despicable.


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8 Comments on David Clarke – Sexual Assault Enabler Hillary Clinton Cares Nothing About Victims

  1. Pat is worried about LANGUAGE, lol.

  2. And Bill to Larry Flint! lmao!

  3. I’m glad to see Sheriff Clarke seems to have cleaned up his language a little, ‘cuz that’s about the only thing that put me off about him. Not that these people don’t deserve foul language, but Sheriff Clarke was a little too good at it and really freaked me out. If he’s cleaned it up a bit, I could listen to him.

  4. David Clarke is role model for all Americans. I don’t believe the AG needs to be a lawyer?, and I would certainly think this country would be greatly served if he were the AG.

    I am disappointed that he does not have position in this administration.

  5. She has never be concern for anyone but herself and if she did wouldn’t have put her daughter and grandkids in all this crap and her daughter to be aloud in this and take chances of her in jail too 2 grandkids with no one to be there for them. money turns some people evil and we all know Hillary has evil and hate in her hearth so sad

  6. she is despicable! Can’t wait till she leaves us permanently!

  7. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself that’s why she makes no sense she doesn’t know the issues and her mission to promote women’s rights is 50 years behind the times back to the sixties when she formulated her dream and teamed up with Bill Clinton to accomplish it

  8. Dr Rolland Kerr // October 16, 2017 at 6:30 pm // Reply

    WOW! Sheriff David Clarke is one wise and understanding Gentleman with real BALLS!

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