James Clapper Busted As He “Stands By His Earlier False Statements”

james clapper lying in plain sight

CNN’s windup propagandist, pathological public liar and “objective intelligence expert,” James Clapper, went on the program of his comrade in distortion and disinformation, Don Lemon, to try to lash together the torn, frayed edges of their obvious falsehoods and unraveling claims.

Lemon asks Clapper about investigators specifically getting a [two warrants] FISA warrant “to wiretap Manafort before and after the election, what’s your reaction to that?”

Clapper immediately heads for the protection of the classified nature of FISA warrants, stating that he can’t do as he already did in March, and comment on whether they existed or didn’t. In attempting to wiggle his way out of yet another exposed public lie, Clapper said, “I said some things about this on Meet the Press on the fifth of March and I stand on that statement. I can’t confirm or deny.”

What Clapper is trying to say is “I’m trapped by that statement, but he lacks the honesty and integrity that would be required for that kind of an admission. Instead he’ll tell more lies and dare anyone to hold him and the shadow government apparatus that protects him accountable.

Clapper said in the March 5th statement that there was no wiretap activity mounted against the President, clearly a statement denying that it existed. Now, inexplicably, the rules have changed and he’s not allowed to either confirm or deny its existence or the veracity of his claims. But it doesn’t work as planned.

Clapper continued, confirming that he would be aware of a FISA order under the FBI. Therefore his denial that one existed means not that he was just an ignorant boob but that there was none. Except, we now know that wasn’t the case, and innocent or not, this guy’s a bigtime boob.

He made it even more egregious, stating to Todd, “I can deny it” with Todd replying, “There is no FISA Court order of anything at Trump Tower.” Clapper stated, “Not to my knowledge. No.” Falsely denying its existence, something he now claims he’s unable to do.  Maybe his change in position has more to do with wildly flailing to keep him out of hot water than anything related to protocol, legalities or the truth.

Lemon questions Clapper as to whether or not the fact that Manafort was wiretapped validates President Trump’s claims that Obama was wiretapping him. Clapper says he stands on the March 5th statement despite its current contradiction with the facts. He says he can’t comment on the media reporting by CNN about the warrant. He’s busted and he’s going to dummy up, stop digging, and let the media bail him out on this one.

Lemon issues an invitation for another of the infamous “Clapper specials,” asking, “Did you know about a FISA warrant against Paul Manafort at the time?” Clapper delivers the falsehood as expected, stating, “I did not” and “again, I have to say that what we have is media reporting only.” Don’t trust CNN, Clapper?

He then restates that he couldn’t comment on it if he knew something, unlike the last time that is now coming back to haunt him. Not even his comrade Lemon is buying the ring of baloney he’s hanging out this time.

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  1. If Clapper’s Yapper has gums a flapping; then it’s more of the same—more lies !

  2. Hey Rick, for some reason I am no longer getting your daily emails. I swear I didn’t cancel you, so I’m not sure what’s going on. ??

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