Clapper Asks “WHAT’S The Definition of TRUTH?” As He Continues To LIE About Trump

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It’s the most hypocritical pairing and theatrical presentation imaginable, Fake News CNN’s Anderson Cooper asking James “Not Wittingly” Clapper if the White House is credible. Neither of them would recognize credibility if they stepped in a pile of it and tracked it across their living room carpet.

Clapper, who was caught in the infamous moment here on video lying to Senator Wyden in response to a question he had been given beforehand, is asked by Fake News Cooper, “Does this White House, are they credible in their public statements?”

In his typical, “I’m lying now so I’ll look downward and wiggle my head a little” manner that telegraphs his deceptive intent, Clapper responds, “Well there’s certainly a lot of doubt about that and what’s happened most recently just has the effect of casting more doubt on the credibility of what they say.”

He brings the words of one of his fellow deep state spooks into the mix as backup, saying, “And I’m kind of on the same page as Mike Hayden here, because to me the greater issue is the assault on truth in this country.” Pick yourselves up off the floor America, Clapper says he’s worried about the assault on truth.

The pathological liar who’s been spying on the American people for political advantage of the Obama regime and Clinton campaign claims that he’s worried about truth. He might be worried about the truth getting out and people discovering what he’s been up to, but the extent of his concerns are limited to obstruction, protecting himself and covering up.

He’s the guy who shared a stage with another Fake News CNN propagandist, Wolf Blitzer, as former CIA Director and deep state Islamist enemy of the people John Brennan encouraged members of the Trump administration to rebel.

These crooked subversives are afraid the investigations into Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Brennan and other crooks affiliated with the Democrat crime syndicate will expose them. Their best defense is a strong offense, focused on keeping their enemy, Americans and the administration, off balance. That and the threat they pose to the system of exploitation itself are the reasons they so vehemently oppose President Trump and a return of the government to the people.

Clapper asks, in a Clintonesque manner, “What’s the definition of truth?” He’s probably being sincere, it’s a concept he’s not familiar with. His definition has always been subject to variable factors that change with his needs. He worked for the Obama administration, targeted innocent Americans for surveillance for political purposes and then lied about it. He also created an empty report in the closing days of the Obama regime along with Brennan, Comey and Rogers that was used as the basis for the current witch hunt against the President. He’s an anti-American subversive felon who is headed to prison if the truth comes out.

As all Americans aside from the leftist sycophants in denial know, Obama lied daily, often to extreme levels, as with the nuclear deal, the ransom paid to Iran, the Obamacare assurances, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Extortion 17, falsified climate data, and Hillary Clinton’s multitude of crimes in addition to his own. The list is truly endless and for Clapper to now attempt to adorn himself with a mantle of respectability and integrity would be funny if it weren’t so enraging.

We never heard a peep out of him regarding any of the abuses and lies of the Obama years – he was part of the syndicate and it was his job to cover up the truth, not expose it. That’s the same job he has now, at that very moment, with comrade Cooper.

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