Claim Seth Rich Gave Russian Lawyer Veselnitskaya Clinton WikiLeaks Emails

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Washington, DC lobbyist and attorney Jack Burkman has had a prominent role with the family of murdered former DNC employee Seth Rich, which includes acting at times as the family spokesperson. He’s also suing the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser for information connected to the murder investigation.

Burkman is offering a $105,000 reward in the case and demanding that the DC Police Department release video footage of the murder. It’s a common practice for them to release such video footage, even while there is an open investigation. He’s also seeking the medical examiner’s report and ballistic reports related to the weapon used to shoot Rich.

Now things seem to be taking a bizarre and revealing turn in what is widely suspected of being a political hit that in one way or another involves the Clinton campaign.  According to a report on Radaronline, Burkman has told them that Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, at the center of the Donald Trump Jr. meeting in June of 2016, also met with Seth Rich at about the same time.

Burkman tells them that a current DNC employee contacted him with the information on July 20th, 2017, stating that Rich had provided Veselnitskaya with a cache of stolen DNC emails at their meeting that may have later been the substance of the July 22nd WikiLeaks document dump.

Burkman was protective of his sourcing but did state that he has personally verified the identity and position of the DNC staffer. He said, “This is a very scared source so we had to talk them along and it took a while. We’ve confirmed the source and their identity and who they are.”

Burkman said his informant “claimed the Russian lawyer had met with Rich about a month before his death, four to six weeks, and Seth provided her with emails that were, apparently, leaked later on WikiLeaks.”

He added, “We don’t know what the Russian lawyer eventually took to Trump Jr. but what I have is a very credible source saying emails were given to her. Whether she gave them to Trump, Jr., I don’t know, but I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t offer.”

If this information is true, it could further implicate Clinton but there is also the possibility that situations arose that  might have provoked action by the Russians. Certainly there is no indication that the Trump campaign was in any way involved beyond potentially being the recipients of some information from sources largely unknown to them.

Should the claims prove true, it clearly points the finger of suspicion to a familiar place, the Democrat Party and the Clinton criminal organization, a place it has generally been pointed to for about a year now.


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