Civil Rights Of Citizen Journalists Trampled On To Shut Us Down Before Next Election

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As one who has been marked for destruction by Facebook and whose page is already under a permanent shadow ban in which it appears to be active but most posts never get into anyone’s timelines, what the Masters of the Universe are up to is pretty obvious.

The establishment globalists, the CFR open borders types who run everything, don’t plan on us being around for another election. They’re going to continue to try to compromise President Trump and make the best of what is, from their perspective, a bad situation, until they can control him or remove him.  That may happen before the 2020 elections, if they are successful in pressing the impeachment agenda or other foul play is engaged in, or they may muddle through until 2020.

Title of this Article Avoided using the words “Facebook” and “Censorship” In Order To Be Allowed Any Views At All

In either case, the voices of the average American are in the process of being silenced. Facebook is censoring us big-time, to the tune of 98% of our former reach, as unbelievable as that might sound.  An article today about the liberal-loving Chicago Tribune feeling the same sting of the choke-hold that we are illustrates the severity of the actions and the willingness of Facebook to kill people’s sites, regardless of what Facebook customers might want.

As much as it’s about controlling and eliminating their opposition’s message, the possibility does exist that the Chicago Tribune may have been reported by their viewers for actually being fake, a trend that is worth expanding on with all of the similar propaganda outlets. Who knows where something like that could go? Facebook will probably work something out for lefties. They’re that kind of behind the screen cowards, worms who feel much safer going after little conservatives.

Besides, they hold us responsible for their loss of power in an election their criminal was supposed to win. They were quick to jump on and perpetuate  the “fake news” bandwagon as it became apparent in 2016 that we had become a problem. Our attention to the the crimes of crooked Hillary made things uncomfortable and difficult for them to “pull a Pelosi” and simply jam her down our throats.

Thus they created the fake news mantra, with the whole accompanying Russia conspiracy thing fabricated as a supposed justification for attacking the citizen journalists. Facebook is undoubtedly the chief offender of suppressing the free, independent journalists’ right to freedom of the press through their algorithms and the filters applied by their so-called “fact checkers,” a collection of leftist censors with the same purpose of eliminating opposition voices from the marketplace of ideas.

President Trump and Attorney General Sessions have remained silent beyond the President’s own war of words as it relates to our civil rights being trampled upon and our voices muzzled. They do so at their own peril as we were a major factor in his victory last time around. If they hope for a repeat they would be wise to ensure that we remain part of the landscape. It would also prove helpful to have a friendly, positive voice for their programs and agenda on an ongoing basis during the first term, as they battle the mainstream media.

The establishment, particularly Facebook, is attacking us ruthlessly to drive us out of business by censoring our speech and filtering what is provided to our audiences. Those decisions are not made based upon what the end user wants but what Facebook and their comrades on the globalist left want. They’re taking over the world and we are supposed to sit still like good little boys and girls, quietly in our seats.

Zuckerberg and the other arrogant globalists may drive us from their forums but they do so illegally, in violation of our civil rights and through the operation of illegal monopolies. They also filter speech in violation of the Constitution, according to their own ideological priorities. Facebook is the largest communications company in the world. They operate as a public utility for all intents and purposes, although expensive lawyers would argue to the contrary. They are also emblematic of the reason monopolies are usually outlawed.

Our constitutional civil rights as conservative Americans to openly express our views and to assemble with other like-minded Americans are being violated. Mr. Attorney General, please put your attack dogs in the civil rights division to good use. Go after the the despicable Masters of the Universe. Protect our freedoms, our Constitution and our nation.

If anyone happens to have been allowed by Facebook to see  this article, please share it, and share it with AG Sessions too.


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8 Comments on Civil Rights Of Citizen Journalists Trampled On To Shut Us Down Before Next Election

  1. This article is once again spot on. I don’t do social media but this really is an assault on the civil society. If this is not a priority for this administration we are doomed. There will be no response to the globalists and they will have the only voice further indoctrinating the generation.

  2. The privileges of Article 1 are being abused by many of the corrupt media. Facebook is probably one of the worst. Sessions needs to get a team working on it if he hasn’t already. I think you’re correct that Anti-trust should apply. I don’t think congress needs to be involved. I hope not.

  3. I understand your predicament, Rick. It’s a terrible situation. I hope that all you independent voices can catch the ear of AG Sessions. A monopoly is certainly not the proper use of the public airwaves. There’s gotta be a law.

    • Rick Wells // April 22, 2017 at 5:55 pm // Reply

      Yeah, thanks Stan, they’re real heartless pricks at Facebook, that’s for sure. Then again, that’s why they’re on the side that wants to destroy America. Anti-trust laws that they used to break up bell telephone should still apply, they’re just not enforced – I’m no lawyer but bell was not nearly the big deal that facebook is and they were seen as too big and too monopolistic. But we had a congress that represented the people back then, things were a lot different. most of these mongrels aren’t worth spitting on. But I’d be willing to try. lol

  4. As Adolph, Zuckerberg’s struts will end the same.

  5. Deplorable Doctor // April 22, 2017 at 9:08 am // Reply

    Who really cares about Facebook? Not I!

    • Rick Wells // April 22, 2017 at 9:11 am // Reply

      without them I’m out of business, I don’t like them but I care and if they get away with censorship in one arena the rest won’t be far behind

      • Beth Smith // April 23, 2017 at 1:53 am // Reply

        I am being censored. Some of my posts and shared articles don’t reach their destination.

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