Cincinnati Mayor Jumps On Anti-Trump, Pro-Terrorist, Illegal Sanctuary Bandwagon

cincinnati sanctuary city


Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley is a Democrat who is taking advantage of the opportunity to increase his “street cred” and his national and local profile by publicly declaring his position that the city remain or amp up their status, joining other failing Democrat-run cities and their outlaw local governments as a “sanctuary for criminals” city.

Does or will Cincinnati aid and abet those criminally in our country, who have been convicted of additional crimes, in avoiding capture by federal authorities by refusing to cooperate with federal requests for custody once their sentences have been served? The mayor didn’t say and a statement by Police Chief Eliot Isaac was vague. He said only that “The Cincinnati police department is in the business of making everyone safe. We will not be enforcing immigration laws.” Their officers aren’t required by federal law to enforce immigration laws. Refusing to do so does not make them a “sanctuary for criminals city.” This is a matter of contacting ICE and holding the offender for them.

According to, “Nothing local authorities are doing, however, would stop or interfere with the work of federal immigration officials. Cincinnati Police Department policy is to cooperate in most cases with federal authorities if they seek assistance.” That’s all DHS is asking for, making the mayor’s comments more curious. Is he spewing a little disinformation, trying to further muddy the waters on behalf of the Democrat Party? Confusion is an important component of the chaos Democrats are seeking to create. If Cincinnati is cooperating with the ICE detainers, they don’t meet the definition of a “sanctuary for criminals” city, so why the proclamation?

Mayor Cranley held a news conference in which he stated, “This city stands with immigrants,” which actually means it stands with law breaking squatters in our country illegally, illegal aliens. Legitimate immigrants don’t need the illegitimate protection offered by a “sanctuary for criminals” city.

He continued, “This city stands with Muslims,” obviously a Democrat would never stand with Christians, but what does “stand with” mean to this guy? Does it, as was the case with his fellow Democrats Hussein Obama, Loretta Lynch and Jihadi Jeh Johnson, include special protections and favors? In disputes are they given preference over Americans who aren’t Muslims?

The mayor takes another shot at President Trump and his efforts to return to law and order and defense of this nation, saying, “This city stands with Syrian refugees yearning to be breathe free.” Is it his simple-minded determination that the mere desire to “breathe free” defines one as a refugee? Isn’t there supposed to be a persecution component involved and a life threatening situation or is it enough to just want to move to a better place?

The clapping seals don’t ask and they don’t care. They’re political props, tools being used to do what they were put there to do, support the Democrats that are fighting against America and our sovereignty. In the photo it’s easy to see the care that went into the selection of the token representatives of each group he’s pandering to. There’s one Hispanic, one Jew, one Catholic, one Muslim and one black guy. Maybe the Asian and the American Indian were held up in traffic.

Mayor Cranley says, “This city has been for years and will remain a sanctuary city.” Since they comply with ICE detainers presently does that mean they’re going to stop doing so in order to meet the common definition of a sanctuary for criminals city?

Cranley declares, “This city opposes the executive orders to half refugee settlements and targeting cities that are trying to live up to the promise of the statue of liberty.” Those comments are something that the Trump administration may want to take into account when choosing the locations for future refugee resettlement sites. The neighborhood that Cranley lives in would be an excellent area in which to concentrate those efforts. Special 8 housing and a mosque on his block would do wonders for his property values.

It’s like we’re already living in the times depicted in so many movies, The Planet of the Apes being one, where the statue of liberty is symbolically no longer in existence. The Emma Lazarus poem on the pedestal needs to come off.  It’s no longer relevant, if it ever was. We don’t want the world’s huddled masses; we’re already being “huddled massed” out of existence.

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