CIA Whistleblower Reveals How Shadow Govt and Deep State Really Control US

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Former CIA officer Kevin Shipp gave a speech at a public awareness event, held by in Northern California, on July 28th, 2017. He describes himself as coming “from the belly of the beast, the cult-like world of secrecy that operates behind what we see as our elected government.”

He says he became a whistleblower after witnessing the CIA engage in unconstitutional and illegal activity outside of the Constitution, “which for me is everything now. I saw them violate international law with some of their operations and engage in some pretty serious human rights violations.”

He says, “I don’t know about you all but I, as an American citizen, did not vote for any of those things. And our elected government didn’t vote for any of those things but they’re doing them.” He shifts the topic to the shadow government, and the deep state, pointing out they are two  different entities in a vast $trillion matrix controlling our elected government outside of the Constitution, behind Washington DC.”

Shipp says, “Much of the time the Shadow Government rules through the deep state through the power of secrecy, secrecy agreements, the states secrets privilege, they are intimately connected in running our government behind the scenes. They manipulate our elected government behind the scenes.

Among the many rapid-fire revelations that are made include the arrangement Hillary Clinton had for running guns in Libya with the Saudis, the CIA involvement through In-Q-Tel in establishing Google Earth. He reveals that the President of the United States has his own secret army called JSOC, Joint Special Operations Command, for use on foreign soil, off the record.

Shipp focuses his talk on what he calls the central node of the shadow government, “an unconstitutional agency that used to be my life.” He describes his former employer, the CIA as the central node of the shadow government, functioning outside the Constitution, through the power of secrecy, and not even Congress knows everything that it’s doing.”

He asks, “Is there a constitutional problem with that” and points out that the CIA was created by the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations, which is heavily populated with members of the mainstream media. Shipp reminds us of the historic relationship between the Washington Post and the CIA and how its current owner, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, just signed a six figure contract for data storage for the CIA.”

There’s more, much more and Shipp gets into it.

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6 Comments on CIA Whistleblower Reveals How Shadow Govt and Deep State Really Control US

  1. Dear God. If we managed to catch and throw them all in the Grand Canyon, they would fill it up and overflow. Start with the CIA I guess. Please, God, we need a hand on this.

  2. Whether Trump is being manipulated, forced, or is in it up his neck, he is not the man who will return the country to it’s constitutional roots. For the first few months of this administration I had great hopes for my grand kids. Now not so much.

  3. Dr Rolland Kerr // September 18, 2017 at 9:18 pm // Reply

    Praise the Lord for Kevin Shipp, Former CIA Officer!

  4. Now we know why all of the men that began with President Trump are no longer in the White House with him. Now we know why Kelly and McMaster are where they are.

    Even though being ticked at Pres. Trump for changes he promised the people would not happen like his turn around on DACA and delaying the WALL after watching the video he is being manipulated by information coming down from the Shadow of Evil and who better to provide it but the two traitors that are called Generals who are keeping him locked down.

    I remember watching Kevin Shipp before. I am not sure when. Thanks Rick Wells for posting this.

  5. Very Good Article I agree with you totally.

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