CIA Stealth Can Disguise Hacks As Any Other Country – Open Your Eyes, Congress

cia spying on americans stealth


How gullible and easy of marks are the American people as a whole, including some in Congress, who blindly trust and take the CIA at their word? An agency that has the ability to spy on Americans and make it look like someone else did it, provides an assessment stating that very thing, that it wasn’t them, it was Russia, their favorite boogeyman. That’s also the fabricated villain the Democrat mobsters chose to use to explain away the Clinton loss and diminish President Trump for winning and as a means to hide the Democrats’ spying on him during the election. The useful blind idiots and criminal Democrats and globalists are climbing all over each other in a race to accept the suspect narrative at face value.

When the propagandists in the leftist US media insist on hiding the truth, RT is sometimes a valuable resource for information. “The CIA has a tool that they use to disguise the source of their hacks,” the reporter tells us, information contained in the latest document release by WikiLeaks. The name of the program is “Marble,” or possibly “Warble,” as both names appear in the report.

Its objective is to hide the evidence trail of a CIA hack. It’s able to disguise malware from forensic investigators and anti-virus companies, ” replacing the CIA’s digital fingerprint so that the hack appears to be from another developer.” It’s also able to switch into multiple different languages, further extending the stealth capabilities.

John Kiriakou, a former CIA analyst and whistleblower, speaks to the upgrading of the CIA in areas of cyber operations following the 9/11 attacks, saying the WikiLeaks assertions are “certainly” consistent with the agency’s capabilities.

Kiriakou says he trusts WikiLeaks and the documents because of their use of “primary source documents,” meaning that what they show appear to be actual original CIA documents. The reporter asks why, if it’s now apparent from the WikiLeaks documents that the CIA could  have easily fabricated this whole false flag, is there so much insistence by the politicians on the left and the mainstream media propagandists to follow along lockstep with the increasingly questionable narrative.

He believes the reason behind the free pass given to the CIA is that Americans have forgotten the CIA’s past and don’t want to admit that our spy agency could be violating their mission and mandates, by engaging in domestic spying against its own citizenry. Kiriakou says he’s been of the opinion for many years that the oversight committees in Congress “are little more than cheerleaders for the CIA and I can guarantee you that the Representatives and Senators that we have on the Intelligence committees right now will not carry out an investigation like this.

The reporter points to the suspicious choice of “cloaking languages,” being the usual suspects of China, Iran, Arabic and Russian. There’s no German, Italian or French, which Kiriakou says points directly at the CIA’s “offensive capabilities.” He says, “It’s something that we’re all going to have to think about when we hear about a new virus that’s being spread or a new hacking operation. We’re going to have to wonder now if it’s the CIA or if it’s an outside organization.”


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