CIA Director Pompeo Targets WikiLeaks, Assange – Cover, Prep For More Deep State Action?

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For those of us who didn’t know much about the current CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, his Thursday speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies should be enough to send shivers down the spines of freedom-loving Americans. This guy makes John Brennan look like Mr. Rogers or Captain Kangaroo.

Pompeo attacked the organization that exposed not only large amounts of the corruption, much of it still un-investigated and ignored, within the Clinton camp, but also the ability of the CIA to cloak their own domestic spying. That was how they deceived Congress into accepting their claims of various “foreign” sources of espionage acts and hacks. Put plainly, Assange revealed that the CIA can make any of their hacks look like the Russians or another country did it. Now they’re beating the war drum based upon that very Russian hacking claim, still not showing us the goods but repeating the assertions until they become accepted as “facts.”

What seems to have Pompeo really upset is that Assange stole their plausible deniability and greatly diminishing their already limited credibility. We’re told Obama didn’t spy on Americans, but those fake CIA Russians sure might have, eh boys?

Those were acts against all Americans, yet this guy is attempting to stir up outrage by the American people against the whistleblower? It’s curious that President Trump, rather than cutting Assange some slack in recognition for his service, has his own CIA Director throwing down the gauntlet. Speaking for the CIA, Pompeo says he finds the support among the American people and internationally for Assange “to be both perplexing and deeply troubling.” We’re thinking the same thing about what you’re saying, Mike.

Pompeo isn’t stupid, so he can stuff the lame “perplexing” dramatics. He’s prepping Assange or the American people for something, perhaps another document release is imminent, or it’s a warning or perhaps their about to take some sort of action. Perhaps there’s something special in their bag of tricks that will make Assange look like a villain, a false flag of some sort that will compel the world and the Ecuadorians to hand him over. Maybe they’re just going to go in and get him.

He speaks to the motivations of Assange as being purely attention-driven. It’s something he probably can’t say with any certainty but he’s entitled to his opinion. This guy who now commands the globalist-riddled, deep state CIA is portraying the chief individual who revealed their unlawful, rogue activities as the bad guy and labeling WikiLeaks as a hostile intelligence service. That might fly with some brainwashed lock-steppers but thinking folks are going to have their doubts.

Pompeo promoted the Russia hoax officially, saying, “In January of this year, our intelligence community determined that Russian military intelligence, the GRU, had used WikiLeaks to release data of US victims that the GRU had obtained through cyber operations against the Democrat national committee.”

If that’s true, Pompeo, they’re hardly victims, they’re Democrat crooks, people the Trump administration promised would face justice. Now you’re railing against those who exposed their crimes? What’s this all about? And while we’re on the subject of DNC leaks, who killed Seth Rich and why did the Democrats refuse to allow the servers upon which the information was supposedly hosted to be inspected by the FBI?

And if you’re so concerned about cyber-security, why no investigation into the Clinton stolen secrets on her bootleg server? Are you just waiting for it to eventually go away without ever being investigated properly because she’s above the law and knows where the bodies are buried? Is this a distraction intended to shift the attention or to intensify the rhetoric so an invasion of Syria and the resulting hostilities with Russia will be more universally accepted as something they “had coming to them?”

Pompeo went on to personally attack Assange while losing whatever little credibility he hadn’t yet destroyed by referring to the New York Times and Washington Post as “legitimate news organizations.” That $600 million contract with the CIA Post owner Jeff Bezos’ Amazon signed for hosting servers hasn’t influenced your perception of who and what is a legitimate or fake news service, has it Mike?

They’re leftist propagandists, you’re in the Trump administration. They falsely attacked our president, so why are you defending them? To borrow your words again, it’s perplexing and troubling.

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