Church Of Climatology, Rev Al Gore Warns Of The Evil One, Scott Pruitt Of EPA

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Professional climate hoaxster and fear mongering profiteer Al Gore stopped by the PBS studios as he always does when he has a new volume in his “History of Manure” series to peddle. The name of the new book is plugged later but it really isn’t important, it’s only suitable for one purpose and toilet paper is much cheaper, easier to work with and won’t give you paper cuts.

The softball global warming hysteria advancing questions we knew were coming are asked, in the form of a request to comment on Scott Pruitt, the man chosen to head EPA and undo the destructive tangled mess that the climate profiteers like Gore, Obama, Kerry and McCarthy have made of our nation.

Judy Woodruff, the PBS globalist question feeder, notes that just last week Pruitt committed blasphemy, stating that “he doesn’t agree that carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to ‘climate change.'”

Gore gives it one of those good old “Fat Albert” chuckles as he derisively prepares to go into the typical talking points. He shakes his head and says, “I know, and that’s a perfect example of the problem that I’m describing in ‘The Assault on Reason.'” Apparently the book is not, as the title would naturally lead one to conclude, an autobiography of Gore’s career in climate shakedown and profiteering.

He says, “But again, at some point a false belief collides with a physical reality.” That’s why he’s changed from the religion of  global cooling in the 70s to global warming when the earth didn’t listen to his propaganda the first time, and now settled on climate change when their lies were exposed through a halt in any noticeable trend of change of any kind. But Gore adapted, he and his political allies were able to keep the siphon hoses primed with American subsidies and cap and trade schemes. Reality didn’t hit him too hard.

He says, “We are seeing every night on the television news now a nature hike through the Book of Revelation.” No, Al, it might be reported that way by your propaganda allies because those lies need to be ingrained into the American psyche in order to keep your government assisted extortion operation going. But it’s a nature hike through weather, just as we’ve always had. You alarmists distort what’s normal to make a buck, that’s all.

Without getting into the danger zone of actual specifics, he addresses the gullibility of the masses and their susceptibility to brainwashing, saying, “These climate related extreme weather events have convinced the vast majority of people that the scientists have been right for a long time. We have to address this. But putting someone in the EPA who denies even the most basic “scientific truth” about this, you know, the old cliches are, you could say the Earth is flat but it doesn’t mean you’re going to fall off the edge.

Does your hat fall off of your head, Mr. Gore?

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  1. Extirpates // March 16, 2017 at 5:12 am // Reply

    He is an illiterate moron! With apologies to real morons.

  2. Gore needs a taxi to get to the nut ward.

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