Chuck Todd Tries To Trap Priebus With False Russian Hack Story

todd priebus russia hack


On Today’s Meet the Press, Democrat propagandist Chuck Todd continued with his nasty “Hillary should have won” attitude as he presses President-elect Donald Trump’s incoming chief of staff Reince Priebus on the still unannounced Secretary of State choice as well as the current globalist agenda narrative of “Russia Hacked Our Elections / Truth is Fake News.”

Todd leads off with the topic of Mr. Tillerson, quoting Democrat Senator Bob Menendez and two RINOs McCain and Graham, as if their opinions were anything other than based upon their long-established desire to, at a minimum, revive the highly profitable Cold War with Russia. Todd asks in the snarky tone which is customary for him when dealing with those outside of his approved oligarchy, “Is he going to be the pick, number one and how do you respond to that criticism?”

It’s a bit premature says Priebus to be getting into all of this, since the decision has yet to be announced, reminding Todd of the people Mr. Trump has interviewed and stating that Tillerson is “one of the most preeminent business people, not just in America, in the entire world.” Snarky Todd asks, “Does that qualify him to be secretary of state?

What were Hillary Clinton’s qualifications for the position? A vase-wielding Housewife when Bill was president and a do-nothing Senator that her husband placed into office? John Kerry was a liberal, America-bashing globalism ideologue? Those are qualifiers, Chuck? Snarky Chuck follows up, “Just having business deals, that qualifies him.” Priebus explains to the dismissive simpleton, “It’s not just business deals, it’s an extensive knowledge of our relationships across the globe, an extensive knowledge of international law, extensive knowledge of how deals are put together in the places of the world that are very sensitive and intergovernmental relationships that are very unique to Rex Tillerson.  

Todd throws a little bait onto a big bright shiny hook, asking if one of the first actions, whoever is secretary of state will be to lift sanctions against Putin and his cronies. Priebus cautions Todd against jumping to conclusions, saying “talking to people is something that President-elect Trump is going to do. It doesn’t mean he’s not going to be tough” and putting America first. Remember, Chuck, the Secretary of State is the top diplomat and successful diplomacy is dependent upon having conversations with people you don’t necessarily like. It’s a lot like what Priebus is doing in this interview.

Referencing an article in the Washington Post and New York Times from Friday, Todd makes the statement that, “The assessment from the CIA is that not only did Russia interfere, make an attempt to interfere in the 2016 to be disruptive but actually they were trying to be disruptive in order to help Donald Trump.

He attacks the Trump team, not even bothering to bait the bare hook, saying, “And the transition put out a statement that essentially humiliated the CIA in saying that Donald Trump didn’t believe the assessment from the CIA because these are the same people that said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.” Attempting to create another component to the story, Todd asks, “Does Donald Trump have confidence in America’s intelligence?”


Priebus replies that of  course he trusts the intelligence agencies, but he doesn’t trust the New York Times releasing a report of unnamed sources of a study that the Washington Post admitted in the article was inconclusive. He also points out that the RNC was not hacked and that Chuck’s getting a little overly agitated in pressing  his case. Priebus told Todd, “I don’t know why you’re so hot about this,” a polite way of alerting him that is bias is showing.

He notes that the New York Times version of the same disinformation campaign said that the RNC was hacked, which it was not and the FBI verified it had not been, invited in to inspect their protections and system by Mr. Priebus when the information about the DNC surfaced. He asks Todd why the press would run with something that isn’t true – because fake news is what the MSM does, Reince?

Todd does his best to run with unsubstantiated claims from an unnamed source that Russia is at the root of all of this and fails, refusing to provide a source, which he obviously doesn’t have.

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  1. This is what happens whenever I am late reading and commenting on your stories, Rick. The earlier readers get to comment first and say all the things I want to say and when I finally get here, there’s nothing left for me.
    Good piece… totally on the mark. Todd is an ahole.


  3. Chuck Todd is a total and complete liberal Jerk-Wad; Chuckie, go to you momma HildaBEAST and get your freckin diaper changed, cause it and you is full of what diapers are used for !

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