Chuck Todd Ignores FBI Probe Of Bernie Sanders, Wife For Health Care Chit-Chat

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When two of the more blatant anti-Americans in politics, commie Bernie Sanders and fake news propagandist Chuck Todd, got together for an interview on Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” we expected softball questions. We didn’t anticipate that Todd, who relentlessly pursues the most insignificant of possibilities in the false Russia collusion witch hunt, would completely ignore the current FBI investigation (not a matter) of Sanders and his wife for fraud.

Todd spent seven minutes talking about much less inflammatory topics such as the GOP health care plan and whether it will pass and the Democrats managing to pull another losing effort in the Georgia race to replace HHS Secretary Tom Price.

Todd starts off by declaring that Sanders is holding rallies in three states this weekend in opposition to the GOP health care plan. What’s more likely is that he’s keeping his stature as a leading non-Democrat Democrat prominently positioned in front of the American people and, more importantly, diverting attention or the appearance of being negatively impacted by the FBI investigation.

He spent five minutes on the topic of health care where Sanders spent at least half of it repeating the things he’s always said, some of them topics of the 2016 campaign. You’d think on such an important, developing story he’d find a way to put a little of his time toward it. If it were a Republican he’d have spent seven minutes on it, called for a special prosecutor and asked him about impeachment.

Sanders’ wife Jane is under an FBI probe for allegedly lying on a loan application for the college she used to head up, Burlington College, in Vermont, seven years ago. She is suspected of claiming “to have millions of dollars which did not exist in order to get the loan.” The school eventually demanded her resignation and ultimately shut its doors last year.

Fox reports that “prosecutors are also looking into allegations that Bernie Sanders’ office inappropriately urged the bank to approve of that loan.”

Yeah, rehashing that health care drivel was a lot more important in one way, it kept Sanders from having to talk about the investigation. For those with a strong stomach who want to hear for themselves the avoidance of the issue by Todd and Sanders, it’s the second video below.

Bernie and Jane Sanders investigated for fraud by FBI

The underhand pitch, softball lobbed – Todd’s playing commieball below

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2 Comments on Chuck Todd Ignores FBI Probe Of Bernie Sanders, Wife For Health Care Chit-Chat

  1. TONYA PARNELL // June 27, 2017 at 3:19 pm // Reply

    They need to find out about the plane Bernie got from Killery to drop out, hope they all go to jail

  2. This story is gonna get bigger, fast. NBC won’t be able to contain it. Bernie’s in trouble.

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