Chuck Toad Lashes Out – CNN A Victim Of Bannon, Trump Adversary Hunting

chuck todd


MSNBC propagandist Chuck Todd showed his petty side once again in this short clip of him recapping the events in the ongoing battle between the President of the United States and the fake news media that is out to bring him down. Todd barely restrains himself and thinly veils his fury and in doing so simply stockpiles the ammunition for the President and helps him make his case.

Todd says, “I’m obsessed by the increasingly hostile relationship between the President and the press. President Trump has made no secret of what he thinks of reporters as he made clear again this morning at CPAC.” As is customary for Todd and his CNN cohorts, Todd isn’t telling the truth. President Trump doesn’t dislike all reporters, just dishonest ones who make up fake news. Chuck’s in denial.

He then questions how the press is defined, using air quotes, and references the exclusion of CNN and other fake news outlets from the Spicer gaggle earlier in the day.

Snarky little Chuck says things aren’t as bad here as they are in Russia, while claiming that Putin does have “most-favored leader status, sometimes, in the White House.” That’s the kind of false reporting, involving Russia, that got them excluded in the first place. Clearly they are very slow learners.

Todd says, “This is a short-sighted, please the base strategy, it’s a tactic. All leaders need an adversary and now that President Trump doesn’t have Hillary Clinton to kick around anymore, he and Steve Bannon have decided it’s the mainstream media that is the target rich environment and it makes the base feel good.”

Terse Todd says, “It’s a feel good moment for the White House, President’s base loves it. But it’s very short-sighted and unnecessarily defensive posture because, unlike Meghan Trainor, you can’t be all about that base all the time.”

Todd would have his audience believe that the President (and the evil Steve Bannon) went out looking for an adversary and poor hapless CNN was chosen from the flock of lambs grazing on the White House lawn. Lambs don’t lie, have an agenda and attempt to bring down a presidency in service to their political masters.

In reality Todd and his colleagues are a pack of rabid stray dogs, now being properly identified and targeted so that they can’t hurt anyone else.


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