Chuck And Nancy Not Happy – Trump Immigration Plan Not A DACA Surrender

chuck and nancy immigration

Things aren’t quite as cordial as they were a month ago between President and “Chuck and Nancy.” The President released his immigration principles late Sunday evening and immediately his best Democrat friends for a month went on the attack.

Schumer and Pelosi issued a joint statement saying, “The administration can’t be serious about compromise or helping the Dreamers if they begin with a list that is anathema to the Dreamers, to the immigrant [illegal alien squatter] community and to the vast majority of Americans.”

As is usually the case, Chuck and Nancy were a little off in their figures, in their favor. President Trump was elected on a pledge of strong border and immigration law enforcement. Saying a vast majority support benefits for illegals runs counter to the reality of who is sitting behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

They went on to say that if President Trump was “serious” in their discussions last month about helping illegals presently hiding behind the DACA shield “his staff has not made a good faith effort to do so.” Perhaps they haven’t made a good faith effort to surrender, the customary Republican posture when facing Democrats and what “Chuck and Nancy” may have been expecting.

The 70-point immigration enforcement plan the White House submitted to Congress contains the stiffest reforms ever proposed by an administration. It includes the elimination of loopholes illegals and Democrats have used to circumvent US law.

The plans include a border wall, more ICE agents, a crackdown on sanctuary cities and stricter limits on chain migration. All of these issues, according to the White House, must be included in any proposed DACA legislation.

Additionally, the plan gives border agents more leeway to deny illegals entry at the border, to arrest and hold them when they are detected in the interior, and provides for an expedited deportation process.

Among the loopholes for circumventing the law that the plan closes or reduces are:

  • Lax asylum standards, which are abused by illegals. Obama regime policies enabled illegals to claim at the border, through certain “magic words,” a fear of conditions in their home country that earn them instant protections.
  • The Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) would have to prove they really are without parents and are fleeing abuse, in order to be granted admission and protections.
  • Visitors who come legally but overstay their visas — perhaps the majority of illegals in the US, would now be guilty of a misdemeanor, a new criminal penalty.
  • A 2001 Supreme Court decision forcing the release of tens of thousands of illegals, including murderers into American society, would be corrected.
  • The ability of federal, state and local authorities to detain illegal immigrants would be fully enshrined in law, settling the debate over sanctuary cities.

It also proposes canceling the annual visa “diversity lottery” and requiring all businesses to use E-Verify to assure that job applicants are legally able to work in the United States.

Pandering Hack Senator Dick Durbin joined with his comrades in denouncing the attempts to actually secure our nation, exposing themselves once again as being nothing more than open border, anti-sovereignty globalists. 

Durbin said, “Please do not put the burden on the Dreamers to accept every aspect of comprehensive immigration reform to get a chance to become citizens of the United States. That’s too much to ask.” It’s not comprehensive immigration reform and the President’s plan isn’t asking anything of the so-called Dreamers but rather their enablers in Congress.

It is the Democrats, behind the false front of the DACA protectees that Durbin is actually claiming can’t go along with the measures to create a secure America.

Thankfully, President Trump has returned to his senses and the positions he was elected on. It’s also great that we’re no longer aligned with “Chuck and Nancy.” We’re too good for that. It was beyond offensive.


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3 Comments on Chuck And Nancy Not Happy – Trump Immigration Plan Not A DACA Surrender

  1. What should I ask those that support the amnesty of an Illegal Alien child (DACA)?
    The true begging questions are: Would they be here at all if it were not in the commission of a crime against the United States? Would they be here at all if it were not for their parents being invaders of the United States? Would they be here at all if the borders were secure? Would they be here at all if their criminal parents were honorable people wishing to become upstanding citizens of the United States through proper and legal immigration procedures?
    The answers to all of these questions is obvious. The people that came to our country illegally did so with the intent of circumventing our laws and blackmailing the citizens of the United States into providing for the welfare of their illegal children.
    NONE of these people are or were slave children/ slaves themselves or political refugees that applied for amnesty from persecution.
    They came as thieves in the night to steal jobs, social program benefits and defraud the American Tax system. They came to send America dollars back to the country they came from not to spend their illegally gained paycheck in the American economy.
    The best thing we as Americans can do is to end the ILLEGAL Obama Dream act and return those jobs, benefits and billions of tax dollars back to the American people. Let these “Dream” children be adopted by legal citizens of the United States that will contractually except the full financial responsibilities of that child or, return them home with their illegal parents.
    Perhaps Mexico will give them a Spanish as a second language class for free.
    Whatever the case, the ILLEGAL parents must go! It is time to put America and Americans first and Make America Great Again!

  2. Schumer, Pelosi and Durbin should be tried in a court of law as traitors.

    Rick Wells posted an article today of a man and his two children died in a horrible car accident that another illegal caused who also was a criminal and these 3 smucks are as guilty as the illegal driving the van.

  3. lol.

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