Christmas With Those New Jumbo Fireworks – What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Christmas fireworks


In some places part of the Christmas celebration includes fireworks, and the bigger is loosely benchmarked to be the better. There are certain risks that go with having bigger displays than last year or trying that new type of extra large “Roman Candle” type of display that you don’t have any real experience with. There’s always the chance that something can go wrong.

The fireworks were not bootlegged, they were of the highest quality, meeting all government-approved safety standards, purchased from the same reputable dealers as previous years, but there is that ignorance factor that seems obvious afterwards. There is a need in explosives like that which fire repeatedly to make certain that the subsequent shots take place from the same, undisturbed solid surface as the initial one.

When you use an empty five liter water bottle as the base, propped between a concrete block and another heavy rock, it’s easy to underestimate the force of the blasts until it’s too late to do anything about correcting the error. At some point, take cover becomes the only course of action that makes sense.

Once that first blast went high into the night sky, it was clear the others that followed it would be staying much closer to the source, detonating in the front yard. The bottle and it’s huge Roman Candle style device became a loose cannon, one that was laying flat and pointing in whatever directions they happened to randomly end up in.

It’s kind of like playing Russian Roulette, although thankfully, with much less deadly consequences. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, although the neighbor’s dog worked his way off his leach and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

It’s obvious that a little more time devoted to preparation and focused on safety would have been time well spent. The display would also have been a lot more attractive, in addition to being less terrifying and risky, although perhaps not quite as exciting in the long run.


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