Christie – No Special Prosecutor To Investigate Fake Russia Election Story

chris christie


Chris Christie has found his way back to the Sunday shows spotlight and the CNN studios. Christie, as a former US Attorney, has a decent investigative nose, but even if he didn’t, the distinct odor of rotting garbage makes the CNN studios easy to track down.

He joined Jake “the Fake” Tapper for an interview that included a predictable question about the Clinton fabrication of collusion during the campaign between the Trump campaign and Russia. Tapper worded his question so as to imply a united front in support, asking, “Do you agree with Darryl Issa (R-CA), that a special prosecutor is needed?”

Christie responds with an immediate, “No,” explaining, “The Justice Department over the course of time has shown itself, with the professionals that are there, to have the ability to investigate these types of things. I just think, Jake, and this is whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, we’ve seen it happen on both sides, when a special prosecutor gets involved, the thing gets completely out of control.”

Christie adds, “And I think that doesn’t serve anybody’s purposes. We have a lot of important problems to deal with in this country, this is, I’m not saying that’s not one of them.  But I believe the Justice Department can handle it.”

It’s clear from the comments of Obama and Clinton’s new tool they just positioned at the DNC, Tom Perez, and from the smear campaign during his confirmation, that the Democrats plan to impugn the integrity of AG Sessions as part of their attempts to sell this fairy tale and undermine the Trump administration. Democrats don’t need the truth when they’ve got lies that the complicit media is anxious to repeat and the ignorant public willing to believe. Lies give them much more flexibility than the truth and are always available, as close at the tips of their forked tongues.

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  1. Tapper just has to keep on looking for trouble, doesn’t he. Keep it up, Jake. You’ll get it.

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