Chris Kyle’s Wife Taya Has Praise For Ryan Owens, Annihilates Political Toadie Michael Moore

taya kyle macallum owens


The grotesque tumor feeding on American society that as somehow acquired the ability to speak, Michael Moore, has become a much more visible mouthpiece of the left lately. His appearances have “ticked”up since he predicted a Trump victory in the closing days of the campaign. His function has been as an agitator and to criticize President Trump, to fuel dissent and chaos on behalf of the subversive left. On Tuesday he joined his comrade in treachery, the almost equally despicable Chris Matthews, offering up the same type of treatment for the widow of slain Navy SEAL, Ryan Owens.

A clip of the contemptible statements by Moore is played by host Martha MacCallum, as he uses the invitation of Carryn Owens, who performed what she clearly felt was her duty to honor her husband, as an opportunity to attack President Trump. Belittling the sacrifice of Ms Owens and her slain husband, diminishing it to the level of political rhetoric and theatrics, Michael Moore and Matthews stepped over the line.

More described her appearance as “a sort of an “F U” to the people who are criticizing him [President Trump] for this, and this poor woman, this widow who has lost her husband, she is in desperate grief right now, and in love with her husband. And to use that as another notch on his belt, and what’s he thinking about? My ratings, breaking a record applause, record breaking. I’m going to get an Emmy for this, most applause for a dead soldier on my watch. I mean, this is the sickness of this man.”

The topic of sickness is eventually pursued, by Martha MacCallum and Taya Kyle, widow of American Sniper Chris Kyle, but it’s not in association with our President Trump. Mrs. Kyle disputes the transparently political rants of Moore, as one who has been through what Mrs. Owens is going through. She has some very strong views regarding the exploitative Mr. Moore and his false sensitivities towards the fallen SEAL.

Mrs. Kyle says “When I hear the applause and I hear the words being spoken about Ryan, I’m not thinking about politics in the slightest. What I’m thinking is that my heart is pounding and I have chills because it’s truth. Because this is a silent professional and his intensely private family, who gave everything and they never wanted recognition. And if somebody now, that he is gone, wants to get up and thank him for his sacrifice, for his service, to tell the world his name, to tell the world he’s out there serving, then God him.”

She says, “And you know what, for his beautiful wife to get up there, she’s so private, for her to get up there and say, ‘I’m going to do this because I love my husband and because he’s worthy of this praise, he deserves this recognition and for once he doesn’t have to be the silent person, for her to stand up and receive that for him is beautiful.”

Mrs. Kyle says that what Michael Moore said makes her sick to her stomach and makes her angry because he’s saying two things. One that she’s a fool who doesn’t know she’s being used, which Kyle says is not the case, that it’s “ridiculous, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. And it’s also saying that this wasn’t warranted, and that in some way this has to always be political.

Martha MacCallum weights in with her own reasons for why she found what Moore said to be “so reprehensible.”

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