Chinese President To Denounce Trump, Support Global Fascism At Davos

xi jinping


A collection of globalists will meet next week in Davos, Switzerland at what they have self-proclaimed to be the World Economic Forum. They do it every year, the George Soros type of manipulators, both with familiar and unfamiliar names. Their ranks include many US politicians, lobbyists and think tank fellows with strong connections to US politics. They aren’t there just to talk. They talk, decide and then attempt to implement, for their benefit, not ours. They are the globalist world order that Mr. Trump and the citizens of the United States and other western nations are seeking to stop, and they are in the process of stealing our sovereignty.

This group that is meeting to plan the world’s economic and political future will have China participating at the presidential level this year, a first. According to Reuters, China’s official Xinhua news agency reported on Friday “The ‘bullet train’ of globalization is broken and the West is obliged to help Chinese President Xi Jinping fix it.”

No, actually China’s played a major role in what is wrong with the world and any global governance is detrimental to the free enterprise of the United States and its citizens as it is to others in the world. We’re not obligated to any of the world’s exploitative nations or their resident leeches.

This year’s confab is expected to focus on the “problem” of the American sovereignty reawakening and its counterparts in other nations. It’s what those seeking to parasitically feed off of us see as “a hostility towards globalization.” It’s not unlike describing someone in the path of a charging elephant as having a hostility towards ivory. The meeting runs this year from January 17-20th.

A Xinhua commentary said, “It is both the West’s moral obligation and (only) feasible choice to turn the tide and work with the developing world – to make painstaking reforms on domestic and global governance systems for a fairer world – if they want to keep their interests and competitiveness intact.”

Put into perspective, we’ve got a publication representing the most aggressive communist nation on the planet preaching to America about our moral obligation to reject self-preservation and economic security in order to be equal with much less prosperous nations in the interest of global fairness and preserving those same interests that will be seriously eroded by doing so. That sounds like something Obama would say. It’s the kind of nonsense that could only come from a communist leader or from global fascists, like the EU and UN leadership.

In the article the Chinese described Mr. Trump’s election, the Brexit vote and Italian PM Matteo Renzi’s resignation as “mind-boggling symptoms of (the) current globalization”. They’re actually logical responses to a global attack, and not mind-boggling at all, unless one’s mind is pre-boggled by distorted, leftist “thinking.”

The Chinese also argued against those who see “emerging economies” as stealing jobs and resources. They wrote, “These people, also among the biggest beneficiaries of globalization, are only endeavoring for a cozier seat on the irresistible journey of this ‘bullet train.'” Keep your cozy seats and your journey, boys, your train is a bullet between the eyes and easy to resist.

Mr. Trump’s team will also be in attendance at the forum, undoubtedly acting in a manner that is consistent with the priorities he identified throughout the campaign and with his actions since the election. There is no reason to believe that they see this as anything other than an opportunity to act on behalf of the American people’s interests.

In a Wednesday briefing, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong said, “Channels of communication are open” between China and the Trump’s transition team but that scheduling a meeting might be difficult.

Assuming the mantle of purveyor of BS from Hussein Obama, likely by design, Chinese President Xi will deliver a speech on Wednesday, the first day of the gathering, with a message of “inclusive globalization.” Of course there is no such thing. Globalization is redistribution under their control, so while they may throw a few token nations and deals into the mix to provide an appearance of communist-style global equality, his intent is to secure as much of everything for China as possible. He will also reportedly warn against the spreading populism. It stands in the way of their new global world order and their scheming to monopolize resources, trade and wealth acquisition.

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