Child Abusing Parents Sue School For Not Pretending Their Son Is A Girl

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Libtards are obsessed with controlling the rest of us and will go to great lengths and conspire with others of their kind in order to achieve their objectives.

They want to eliminate the distinctions between men and women, despite the obvious challenges imposed by reality, and some of these sick individuals will even stoop to using their children, destroying their childhoods and their minds in the process.

Two child-abusing freaks who somehow found each other and may or may not have married, as they go by different last names, have engaged in a brainwashing campaign on their son to convince him he’s really a girl. It’s so trendy, like having a poodle was back in the 1950s.

But reality can be a troublesome thing. It’s crept into their perverted world and they are having difficulty in transferring their abuse of their own child onto others. It appears not everyone is willing to be part of the damage they’re doing to their son, or not in the manner that they want it inflicted. Their son is pictured sitting next to his mom, in the black shirt.

The school their son was attending recognized a boy as a boy and must now defend themselves from the insanity that is California government. The despicable parents, Priya Shah and Jaspret Brar are suing the private school, Heritage Oak Private Education school in Yorba Linda, CA, for supposed discrimination.

In what smells like a leftist ACLU style hit job on traditional Christian American values, they filed a lawsuit alleging that “Heritage Oak repudiated Nikki’s core identity. It refused to use the name, pronoun, and gender corresponding to Nikki’s gender identity, required Nikki to wear the boy’s uniform and use the boy’s restroom, and failed to address the bullying that Nikki was subjected to because of her [his] gender identity and gender expression.”

As if to place a “Made in Communist California” manufacturing label on the complaint, it stated, “Seven-year-old Nikki became depressed and talked about self-harm; she isolated herself socially and would not play with other children at recess because she could not be herself with them; she would not participate in school-related events after hours when she had to wear boy’s clothes; and she felt that the school was blocking her “inner light.” On the day when she tore a photograph of herself in half and cried out, “I hate myself,” Nikki’s parents had no choice but to remove her from the school and home school her for the rest of the year.

Those parents, for reasons of self-enrichment or just liberal ideology run amok, are attempting to transfer their own responsibility for the mental difficulties of their son to the school. The parents are the ones who dress the boy up like a girl and attempt to convince him he’s not really a boy. Nick didn’t isolate himself socially, his parents did. Any boy brainwashed into believing he’s a girl is going to get picked on by the other kids. It is his parents who turned him into a sissy and a prime target for the normal kids, not the school. The kid should be suing them.

They allege that Nick couldn’t be “herself” around the other kids. It’s doubtful he has any idea of who he is at this point. They claim that the kid complained the school was blocking his “inner light,” providing a most obvious piece of evidence as to the source of the problem. Few grownups are sappy enough to talk that way, but no kids are. The abusive gender-bending parents put those words in the boy’s mouth.

In a statement reported by the Orange County Register, the school said that it had accommodated older transgender students without a problem, and that it had tried to work with Nick’s parents, but that they rejected its approach.

Not surprisingly, the leftist parents are being represented pro bono by Public Counsel, as well as by several academic lawyers from Harvard, University of California Irvine, and Western New England School of Law. The deviants have hit the jackpot – normal doesn’t stand a chance against California government.


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4 Comments on Child Abusing Parents Sue School For Not Pretending Their Son Is A Girl

  1. Donald R Laster Jr // August 7, 2017 at 9:38 pm // Reply

    This boy will probably be dead several years after going through puberty by suicide. These parents are sick and I would not be surprised if the boy has been sodomized by his presumed father. But both parents are engaged in serious child abuse and both children should be taken from the parents. We need to stop pretending behaviors such as sodomy are something people are born with. Children know the difference between being a boy and a girl. It is part of biology. And humans are not Clown Fish or Alligators. We do not change genders or select gender during pregnancy. It is determined by DNA. Chemicals and indoctrination can effect behavior and the endocrine system however.

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  4. Deplorable Doctor // August 5, 2017 at 9:09 am // Reply

    Child Abusing Parents Sue School For Not Pretending Their Son Is A Girl = BARF!

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