Child Abuse Is Cool In Massachusetts If It’s Mental And Sexual

transgender child abuser


The sick and phony Democrats, led by the Massachusetts Attorney General, are putting child props to “good” use once again, this type is the furtherance of their gender by convenience, opportunism or mood agenda of transgenderism.

In attacking the family in their Democrat effort to diminish parents and elevate the state to that role, the liberal chief law enforcement officer of the state is just as phony as she can be. Healy, who looks like she may spend part of her time as a he herself, pretends to have just remembered their “special guest.” She then holds a little girl up to the microphone so she can recite her own feelings and thoughts, the ones freshly implanted by her opportunistic and abusive parents.

The little girl, Ella Lemay, is obviously repeating the lines no typical eight-year-old would know as she speaks on behalf of her seven-year-old brother, which in this case means her sister, Jacob, the future mental patient.

It’s child abuse to make a girl think she’s a boy or vice versa but obviously the perversion of forcing that kind of abuse on your children is regarded as virtuous in this liberal sewer, by the pervert that is their Attorney General. The other, equally complicit officials stand around like they are full of pride at this sickness on display, proud to play whatever role they have in the destruction of these innocent children.

Emma says, “We should all work together to make sure that ‘Jacob’ and other transgender people are safe. We will talk to Trump so hard if he comes here that he’ll have to blow down the wall.  And it’s not fair for people to feel scared, to all transgender people.” Of course that’s all obviously crap that has been fed to her, including a reference to the border wall that was picked up in the liberal mind screw of the daily conversations around their house of horrors.

The child giving advice to adults, Emma said, “And to any of you out there who disagree, I want you to listen to me and I want you to know that you shouldn’t make people feel scared just because you think that you’re bigger and you have more power. No one has more power than anyone else.” Actually, that’s just liberal nonsense, Emma, lots of people have more power than others and even people with relatively equal power have it in different ways. For example, that woman holding you up has a lot of power, which she is abusing.

She finishes off her little disgusting display of brainwashing with some unintelligible kid talk to glowing endorsements from her freakish family and those in attendance. That child that looks like a boy in the unisex shirt is Emma’s sister. With a dad like that, it’s easy to see how he’s unqualified to be a gender role model for his child. Growing the beard probably saves him a lot of explanations.

Heck Emma, with a response this favorable, maybe you should talk to mom and dad and ask for permission to be a boy too. Then you could make  another speech for yourself. And maybe one of dad’s big greasy guy friends in sweat pants and a mesh tank top could hold you up for the rest of the Democrats to admire. Maybe they’ll offer you some pizza.

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