Cheney, Rothschild, Richardson, Woolsey, Murdoch – Pipeline Or Chemical Weapons Behind Syria Push?

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What may catch your attention on this video about the corporate financial interests being behind the push into Syria is the list of names on the Strategic Advisory Board of Genie Energy. They’re not the typical names you’ve never heard of, people with a lot of money but without the notoriety that goes with it. Political pedigrees are everywhere and connections to the deep state establishment seem to be a basic prerequisite.

The names include Michael Steinhardt, one of those rich guys most of us have never heard of, followed by Dick Cheney, a rich politician who many Americans wish they’d never heard of, Marry Landrieu, Rupert Murdoch, Bill Richardson, Jacob Rothschild, Lawrence Summers and James Woolsey.  All have a history intertwined with global politics, some of it of very questionable character. It’s worth noting that former CIA Director Woolsey was a member of the Trump transition team until he quit, supposedly due to the animosity between the then-President-elect and the intelligence community. Perhaps Woolsey had only the most honorable of intentions in advising the president; perhaps he had a dual track that included advancing the interests of Genie Energy.

The producer of the video links the Golan heights to Dick Cheney and Genie Energy through a “Business Insider” article from four years ago in which they were granted a license to drill in the contested area, disputed with Syria. Genie Energy drilled five test wells over the last two years, and in January set up a company called Atid to engage in oil and gas drilling in the Golan region.

She raises the point of competing pipelines, both of which require the transition across Syria to be completed. One is a joint venture between Russia, Iran and Syria. The other is a US backed venture between Qatar and Turkey that likewise must cross Syria.

She makes the point that the desire of those competing for Syria is to steal the wealth of the nation, for whomever is the victor in the battle. Either way, the population needs to be forced out, hence, the fabricated refugee crisis.

Regardless of how the different players and circumstances play out,  the motivations of the players and the potential abuses of power, it does draw into question the fact that a terrorist army, ISIS, was allowed to march across Syria unchallenged, to strengthen, to create a situation for the mass exodus of Syrians, were armed with brand new American equipment when the Iraqi army supposedly turned and ran, providing them with the arms necessary for their campaign of terror to begin. They were also given safe passage out of Mosul, to return to challenge Assad.

Why is it that Dick Cheney always seems to be lurking in areas where American troops are being used to create economic opportunities for well-positioned former government officials and fat cats?

It does not necessarily follow that President Trump took the action he did in bombing Syria out of a personal interest, but he could have been manipulated. The story that he’s doing it for the sake of a few children who were killed in a gas attack does sound a bit off,  particularly given the pending UN investigation and the fact that his targeting and destruction of the jets supposedly involved make it difficult for investigators to examine them as evidence.

The American people are right to question their government; President Trump ran on our right to do so, particularly after the last 8 years with an obvious impostor entrenched and left there by a compromised Congress.

As a staunch Trump supporter who campaigned fiercely for President Trump’s election, these are not welcome developments. They are the kind of thing that can cause a fellow to lose sleep at night. Those of us who truly wanted to make America great again still sincerely hope that it will be achieved. We have neither time nor patience for greedy self-interests of politicians and insiders getting in the way, no matter who they are.

President Trump often said that we should have kept the oil after the war in Iraq. Are we witnessing a second bite of the apple in which some are being given an opportunity to do exactly that. We do have an oil man as our Secretary of State and son-in-law Jared in charge of Middle East affairs.

As a Trump supporter since the day he came down the escalator, this is not a pleasant thought but something that as a patriotic American, has to be examined, if for no other reason than to dismiss it. Something just doesn’t feel right, too many coincidences lead to evidence of orchestration.

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5 Comments on Cheney, Rothschild, Richardson, Woolsey, Murdoch – Pipeline Or Chemical Weapons Behind Syria Push?

  1. Why am I getting the feeling that instead of draining the swamp, Trump has decided to swim in it?

    Why do I sense that FOX has joined the M-I Complex and establishment in a direct confrontation with the principles Trump ran on… in direct opposition to the folks who elected him?

  2. All wars are fought for oil. All economic collapses are caused by the central banks for resources. The obama and hillary globalist puppets sent the jihadist rebels into Syria to destabilize it. Their goal is to take down Assad and replace him with someone who will build the pipeline where the US oil warmongers want it. You may feel sorry for the Syrian refugees, but I feel sorrier for our soldiers who died there. We MUST demand that the Syrian refugees resettle into countries in their own Continent. Great article.

  3. Yes, this rings solid and true, as a main reason for TPTB trying still to oust Assad from power. Why else would they care???

    And since Putin/Russia really need that oil business with Europe, they are not going to back down. So it’s Big Crunch time.

    Little kids playing with fire…

  4. It is said the West wants to cut off arms through Syria to Hezbollah and to be able to stage bases in Northern Syrian for offense against Iran both with planes and missiles. That is the military reason. They also want to block Iran’s long term pipeline access to the Mediterranean Sea that way, in case Turkey had a change of heart over running the lines into their system. And the Saudis and Qatar both want a land route to the Mediterranean over territory they effectively control.

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