Charlottesville Leftist Thugs Already Named In San Jose, Berkeley Lawsuits

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The same goons who attacked a group of white protesters who were opposed to the destruction of their southern heritage in Charlottesville, VA, communists, BLM and AntiFa radical thugs, are being sued for conducting similar assaults in California.

They’ve done it in a lot of places, often in conjunction with Trump campaign events and at the behest of George Soros, Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party. The victims are usually the innocent patriotic Americans on the right who support President Trump and his agenda, although the death of one of their own has made the left very heavily involved in attempts to arm-twist absolution from the President.

We may now be learning part of the reason why they are so desperate to have President Trump place the blame on the white people protesting the assault on their history prior to the investigation being completed. In addition to it being an opportunity to secure more power by projecting their own racism onto their opponents, a lawsuit has the potential to blow the lid off of their entire political violence operation and quite possibly land some of the miscreants in prison, both the thugs and their political and financial enablers.

Despite the mountains of evidence like that shown by the attorney Tucker Carlson interviews, Harmeet Dhillon, the leftist media refuses to connect the rampant thuggery by these groups everywhere else, including their notorious actions in Berkeley, with Charlottesville. The judicial system involvement as well as the current DOJ and FBI investigation into the Charlottesville incident may bring the corrupt politicians under the spotlight, as much as the left might be trying to prevent it. The Ninth Circuit is involved in an appeal so nothing can be taken for granted.

Ms Dhillon is representing 17 plaintiffs who were attacked by the leftist thugs at the Trump rally in San Jose in which the city denied police protection to the Trump supporters. She says that the 250 police, who were wearing riot gear, actually directed the attendees directly to the center of the mob, what she described as a “full fledged riot,” and did nothing to protect them.

Carlson points out that it appears what is happening is that in some places local politicians have decided they won’t protect people they disagree with. Dhillon says, “Absolutely. So right after this event, where the whole country, like the video you saw, saw criminals attacking lawful citizens, the mayor of San Jose, Sam Liccardo tweeted out that it was Donald Trump’s fault.”

Once again that sounds like the exact same narrative the left is using in attacking the President now, it’s his fault that the thugs of the left attacked a peaceful, permitted protest against the racism of the left in wiping out white history.

She says they saw the exact same pattern in Berkeley, where she’s also filed a civil rights lawsuit against UC Berkely. She states the Berkeley Police “have basically standing orders to not protect people in a riot unless there is imminent death. And those are the actual orders of the police department and the mayor there, who’s also a liberal and a supporter of ‘By All Means Necessary’ and sympathizer of Black Lives Matter and other groups like that.”

She says most folks probably aren’t aware of the fact that it is city policy for the police to stand and do nothing unless someone is being killed.


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  2. Millions of American Vets fought Communist in time of war. Today the left is coddling Communist. Pathetic

  3. There should be no masks worn in a demonstration whatsoever, on either side. Liberals cry, pee and moan when their civil rights are violated. On the other hand, if a conservative’s civil rights are violated, there is no conscience there from the liberals. What the hell has happened to the Democratic party? They were once an honorable party but now have come to be a Socialistic party that creates violence and mayhem wherever they go. The Democratic party sends their minions to places to create violence and in those places they go, police are ordered toi stand down. Ordered to stand down or the police are scared to death and peeing their pants like in Berkley and Charlotteville. The bad part is, this is only the beginning. The worse part is, these liberal communities are condoning these actions by doing nothing to stop the violence. What ever happened to the oath these officials took? What ever happened to “serve and protect”? They appear to be “serving and protecting” their own interests. Money talks and morals and values walk.

  4. used to be in this country we HUNG TRAITORS AND ALSO EXECUTED COMMUNIST.

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