Chaffetz, Jordan and Meadows Calling For AG Sessions To Resign

Attorney General Sessions needs to resign, according to both Reps Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan, who are tired of fighting DOJ to get to the truth. Chaffetz agrees that Sessions

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Addressing calls by Representatives Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) that Attorney General Sessions needs to resign his position, former Congressman Jason Chaffetz agrees, a position that he’s advocated for over the past few months since he left the House of Representatives.

Meadows and Jordan issued a joint statement, saying, “Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the Russia investigation but it would appear he has no control at all of the premier law enforcement agency in the world.”

They added, “It is time for Sessions to start managing in a spirit of transparency to bring all of this improper behavior to light and stop further violations.”

That’s as close to being accused of a cover up as the two Congressman could come without using the words. Sessions is blocking their investigations into criminal wrongdoing at both the DOJ and FBI and failing to conduct needed investigations such as those of James Comey, Hillary Clinton and many others, many of whom are still drawing a paycheck within DOJ.

Chaffetz says, “Attorney General Sessions, his time has come, he’s got to go. I agree with Meadows and Jordan on this. He’s not existed in this investigation. He’s irrelevant and I think it was a bad pick and I think it’s time for him to go.”

His counterpart in the conversation, former State Department spokesperson Marie Harf demonstrates the liberal mentality, that because someone is of the same political persuasion, their inability or refusal to perform their duty can’t be considered as a reason for relieving them of their position.

She says she finds it fascinating that an Attorney General who won’t do his job, as in prosecuting Hillary Clinton, is being considered for replacement and that there are calls for him to step down.

That’s also understandable from the Democrat protection perspective. Jeff Sessions is the best attorney general Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Hussein Obama could have hoped for. He’s better than Loretta Lynch.

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3 Comments on Chaffetz, Jordan and Meadows Calling For AG Sessions To Resign

  1. If Ryan, Rosenstein, and Wray are involved I would wonder if those non redacted documents have been re-written. The bunch of them are like the proverbial silver tongued Satan.

  2. Virginia Ruby // January 5, 2018 at 1:03 pm // Reply

    We have the Order now where is “The Law” ?
    AG Sessions is himself obstructing Justice !
    Many should already been prosecuted. Wasting tax-payers Time and Money !
    Sessions also just screwed over the Bundy’s in Nevada court case. Prosecutor Myre blatantly broke Brady Law. Gets demoted to old job instead of handcuffs.

  3. James Higginbotham // January 5, 2018 at 1:02 pm // Reply

    seems like others also want Sessions to either do his JOB, or STEP DOWN.
    but the Arkansas office of the FBI has opened up an investigation into the CLINTON’S FOUNDATION ON PAY FOR PLAY AND HER EMAILS, AND SERVERS.
    it also said the JUSTICE DEPT was also, so we will SEE??

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