Chaffetz – Deep State Taken Over, Obstructing Govt Oversight, Neutered Congress

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Maria Bartiromo starts off her interview with retiring Congressman Jason Chaffetz by pointing out that three members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee have called for an investigation into the relationship between Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and James Comey and the double standard applied to their investigation versus real wrongdoing by Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

Chaffetz agrees with his colleagues, saying, “You need to provide oversight of those people at the Department of Justice. Just because you’re a special counsel doesn’t mean you go unimpeded. There needs to be somebody looking over the shoulder of the Special Prosecutor as well.” Bartiromo asks about the fact that John Koskinen is still running the IRS despite his targeting of conservatives.

Congressman Chaffetz points out a fundamental flaw in the way the system works, or fails to work and allows criminals to stonewall investigations. He says, “There is an inherent problem here in that when Congress wants to issue a subpoena, guess where they have to go to get that subpoena, the Department of Justice, that’s where they actually do the enforcement. There should be a mechanism where actually Congress can work with the judicial branch and expedite their way to bring these people if they don’t comply with a subpoena. It happened in the IRS,  it happened in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. This deep state gets to hold these cards real close and that makes Congress pretty much a wimp.”

Chaffetz – The Deep State holds their cards close, making Congress a wimp

Chaffetz says he doesn’t know why Mueller was put in place, “that was the first mistake, there never should have been a special counsel but now that there is somebody needs to be a watchdog on it.” Bartiromo points to the extreme partisanship of Mueller’s team, their strong support, including financial, of Obama, Clinton and the Democrat machine. Chaffetz asks, “Do you really think you’re going to get a fair and honest hearing when not a single person, at least as best as we can tell, gave any money to any Republicans? That doesn’t sound like it’s a very balanced approach.”

Rep Chaffetz applauds the tenacity of Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) while pointing to the lack of action in the House counterpart under establishment tool, Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA). He says of Goodlatte’s House Judiciary Committee, “I’m not aware of them doing a single thing on this to this point, and then also the Oversight Committee in the House of Representatives.”

Chaffetz says the Oversight Committee still needs to clean up the unfinished business with the Clinton espionage, email and extortion investigation. Bartiromo asks about the Awan brothers, the Pakistani spies who were working as IT specialists with access to classified information under more than two dozen Democrats, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) and Andre Carson (D-IN).

Bartiromo asks if they were “just” stealing information or if there is “a bigger story here in terms of their relationship to the Muslim Brotherhood.” Chaffetz admits he doesn’t know, and cites that case as evidence, saying, “And that’s why extracting documents out of the Department of Justice and maybe, perhaps Homeland Security and even from the House itself is still a very difficult and long process.” He notes that sometimes the investigations take over a year but that they’ve got to be able to get the documents.

Clearly the government is setup in such a manner as to permit corruption through bureaucratic delay and opaqueness, by making the tools necessary to investigate and prosecute the actions of the deep state unavailable to Congress, the closest thing we have to representation. Add to the morass the fact that many in Congress represent the deep state and establishment as well and we’ve got a serious problem with our government, one that Chaffetz clearly sees as critical.

It also seems to have been instrumental in his decision to leave, that he was not willing to associate his name with the fraud being perpetrated on the American people – the daily function of this dysfunctional criminal federal government.

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